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Traffic management is an essential part of modern mobility because it helps utilize the existing network in the best possible way. It monitors and controls various modes of traffic in order to avoid congestion and to improve traffic flow. The goal is to enable people to get to their destinations as fast as possible. At the same time, a Traffic Management System is also used to reduce the negative impact of mobility on the environment, e.g. to reduce air pollution. It also improves traffic safety for all road users.

Trends in Traffic Management

In the past there used to be a major focus on cars. However, this has changed in recent years. Especially in urban areas cars are perceived as the cause of various problems including congestion and pollution. Therefore, nowadays, modern traffic management is getting more and more used to promote other modes of transport such as public transport, cycling and walking. Public transport priority at intersections and green wave for cyclists are just two examples how to make these modes of traffic more attractive.


SWARCO is very much connected in the industry and cooperates with various partners and institutions to create the next generation of mobility management. New technologies, ranging from traffic light assistance systems in cars, that inform you about the status of traffic lights ahead of you, to building more efficient and more reliable intersection, allows us to actively shape the future of mobility.

Holistic Urban Mobility Management by SWARCO

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People, Traffic, Environment – a livable city for all.
SWARCO’s well-thought-out Urban Mobility Management
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From smart intersections to the connected Smart City:
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SWARCO Solutions for Every Requirement and Every City

Whether it's a simple single intersection or traffic management for the entire city, Urban Mobility Management by SWARCO offers individual and coordinated solutions for cities of all sizes with the plus of SWARCO services - from advice, individual design to maintenance. 

My Intersection



My Corridor



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My Network



My Intersection


The solution for intersections with all components from signal heads, the control with traffic flow detection to the road markings.

  • Optimizing green times

  • Reducing air pollution

  • Easy set-up and maintenance
  • A simple solution on a local level
  • Reducing infrastructure costs
My Corridor


The networking of intersections into smart traffic arteries for an optimal flow of traffic 

  • Complete control of your intersections

  • Optimizing green times
  • Minimizing congestion
  • Optimum cycle length for a whole corridor
  • Prediction and Adaption to changing scenarios in daily traffic
My Network


Intelligent cloud-based traffic management solution including intersection controllers, data collection, public transport priority solutions and more. 

  • A flexible, scalable, modular und future-proof infrastructure
  • Improved traffic flow and safety
  • Better air quality
  • Lower infrastructure costs
My City


The perfect solution for the livable city of the future, which integrates and controls all areas.

  • Fully end-to-end integrated portfolio ensuring effortless implementations
  • Efficient mobility management across the entire infrastructure
  • Multi-domain platform offering Traffic, Parking, Environment and Data Exchange use cases
  • Shorter travel times
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Lower infrastructure costs

10 biggest challenges for the future of urban mobility

according to 400+ cities and municipalities surveyed

It is estimated that traffic congestion in cities worldwide increases travel times by 25% to 60%. Overall, a driver spends an equivalent of 148 hours per year stuck in day-to-day traffic jams. SWARCO offers a holistic solution approach to reduce city congestion and improve traffic fluidity.

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Air pollution causes about 3.4 million premature deaths per year. Apart from the devastating human cost, the financial cost is roughly €1 trillion annually, yet 49% of cities in high-income countries fail to meet WHO air- quality guidelines. Get in touch with us and request a free demo!

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Steadily increasing traffic and the number of people vying to use the same, limited amount of space increases the number of accidents. Protecting vulnerable road users (VRUs) should be a priority, however, 22,700 people died and 1.2 million people were injured on EU roads in 2019. Pedestrians accounted for around 20% of these fatalities.

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Traffic Control & Monitoring

The goals of traffic control harmonise with the demands that cities and municipalities worldwide place on modern traffic management. In summary, intelligent traffic control should promote or support the following goals: Maintaining the flow of traffic, reduction (or avoidance) of congestion, increasing traffic safety and efficiency in logistics and reduction of fuel consumption.


Engineering & Planning

Traffic-engineering services include a wide range of activities that support cities and road operators, ranging from traffic surveys and the planning of intersections to the provision of traffic engineering software and the planning of complex mobility networks.

SWARCO Traffic Management Challenges

Urban Traffic Management Challenges

Based on in-depth surveys of more than 400 cities worldwide, we have identified the most critical challenges in mobility management.

SWARCO Urban Mobility Management

Benefits at a glance

Reduced emissions

-20% waiting time

waiting time

Flow can be optimized by 10% to 20%.

Energy and fuel consumption

Energy and fuel consumption

can be reduced by 10% 

Energy and fuel consumption

Well informed
road users

Ready for new technologies

Ready for new

Early warnings

Early warnings

​​​​​​​of dangerous traffic

Prioritizing emergency vehicles


emergency vehicles over regular traffic

Prioritized  public transport

public transport


For Urban Traffic Management

MyCity as a solution to monitor and reduce air pollution
Intelligent roads for romanian cities.
Traffic Data Collection without Data Jams
Designing traffic management on a city-wide and regional level in one of Italy's most visited cities
New Traffic Control Centre for Romanian City
City development goes in line with traffic management
Integrating city traffic management, Elbtunnel control and the state's warning center into a modern traffic control room

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GoGreen by SWARCO


Additional Services

Consulting, Planning, Installation, Service and Maintenance.

We offer a wide range of services to help you with your projects. Rely on us for an entire project or just a part of it and we are happy to take over service and maintenance.


Traffic Management as a Service

The future of Traffic Management.

Learn more about an alternative approach to provide Traffic Management.


Public Transport Priority

Make public transport more attractive.

Public transport priority at traffic signals is an important measure to increase the efficiency of urban traffic management to better handle ever-growing traffic volumes.

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