Smart Charging Solutions
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Driven with the power to connect

Like you, we’re passionate about electric vehicles and understand the importance of reliable, easy to use chargers and systems. Smart charging is as much about people as it is about our charging solutions. We provide simplicity - simple answers to sometimes complex questions, charging solutions that are easy to install and use. We are a partner who does what they say, and are in it for the long term.

It’s why SWARCO Smart Charging is the immediate choice of some of the country’s leading business and transport organisations working with stakeholders who demand quality, reliability, and innovation. 

Justin Meyer

"Electric vehicles are not only changing how vehicles are powered, they are also altering our way of thinking. We are SWARCO, driven with the power to connect"

Justin Meyer, Managing Director, SWARCO UK

How we fuel transport is changing to ensure best value, with improved air quality and energy security.

An early pioneer in the smart charging industry, SWARCO has led the market across the UK with its brand of EV chargers and innovative complementary technologies, such as energy storage and solar car port solutions

Smart Charging Innovations

New vehicles, new batteries and new charging infrastructure, with ever faster recharging times are becoming the new normal. Battery capacity has tripled in the last ten years, whilst prices per kWh storage capacity have dropped considerably.

Electric mobility enables us to electrify our transport networks, that will in the mid to long term reduce our reliance on carbon-based fuel and improve profitability through reduced operating costs.

Areas of Application


Local Authority

Fleet - Cars and Vans

eBus / eTruck




Consulting, Planning, Installation, Service and Maintenance.

We offer a wide range of services to help you with your projects. Rely on us for an entire project or just a part of it and we are happy to take over service and maintenance.

Induction loop installation

Choosing a Solution that Fits your Needs

Whether you are looking to install a charger at home, at the workplace or to provide a system for a fleet of vehicles, SWARCO offers a full range of hardware and software solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.  SWARCO can supply complete turn-key solutions or you can choose individual elements from Alternative Current (AC) or Direct Current (DC) chargers, a full OCPP back-office service, energy storage systems or solar car port technologies and apply them to an existing network.