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Public Transport Management is a suite of solutions that help make Public Transport Services more efficient
for operators, drivers and passengers.  Major components include fleet and terminal management and real-time passenger and driver information. In addition, automated fare collection and security systems as well as solutions that improve cost-efficiency and reduce the environmental impact are part of public transport management. Solutions also include public transport priority, which provides bus priority at traffic lights, better integrates bus services into the city's transportation system and helps to make Public Transport more attractive.


Smart and green cities are concepts that aim at making cities more livable by using modern technology. These concepts include a variety of measures in different fields, ranging from governance to ecology and economy. Smart mobility is another important apect of smart cities. It usually includes tranportation concepts that combine various environmentally friendly modes of transportation  and put less strain on the transport network.  For example, public transport and cycling are usually promoted and prioritized over cars.

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With more than 50 systems installed across the globe, 15,000 connected vehicles, 5.5 million passengers per day and 500 million monitored kilometers per year, we know our business. Our competence in public transport management is accompanied by long standing experience in traffic mangement and planning, parking and road safety. This makes us an ideal partner for implementing your public transport and general mobility strategies.

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