Young Mobility Ambassadors

We want to motivate young people to actively think about how they can get around intelligently and safely in our rapidly changing world of mobility. 

Daniel Meier, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at SWARCO

Ronald-Mike Neumeyer, SWARCO Deutschland

About the project

With the SWARCO lighthouse project Young Mobility Ambassadors program, we want to give part of our business success back to society with the aim of improving road safety with and for young people. We want to motivate young people to actively think about how they can move intelligently and safely in our rapidly changing world of mobility. 

The guiding idea is to build up and develop the program over several years. We will start in Austria in 2024/2025 with the aim of rolling out further projects in other countries where SWARCO is based over the next few years. The competition topic and the exact requirements as well as the accompanying material for the project will be sent to interested schools at the end of September 2024.

We invite students aged 14 to 19 to submit their ideas for improving their own road safety and that of their classmates and thus become road safety ambassadors. 

Ideas - what we are looking for

A school class is invited to develop a creative project in any form: video, app, illustration, song, story, collage, comic, puzzle book, poster, computer game, board game, podcast, safety gadget and much more... The project aims to help reduce the risk of smartphone use in everyday traffic for teenagers and young adults aged 14 - 19. It may focus on a specific age within this age range.

We support this and provide teaching material for teachers to help them.


We evaluate
creativity, effort and applicability


1st place: €4,000
2nd place: € 3,000
3rd place: € 2,000

Award ceremony

We invite the winning team to Wattens
and, of course, cover all related costs.


A jury of road safety experts and SWARCO representatives will select the best projects. Creativity and effort as well as the effective impact and applicability will be evaluated. 


The winning team wins €4,000 for its class/school. The second-placed team wins €3,000, and the third-placed team receives €2,000. In addition, each student from the top 3 teams will receive an attractive surprise gift. 

All participants will receive a small give-away and a certificate of participation for each team. 

Award ceremony

The first-placed team will be invited to the SWARCO headquarters in Wattens/Tyrol. The prize-giving ceremony will take place in the SWARCO Traffic World. SWARCO will cover the travel costs (bus, train) as well as accommodation costs if required. In addition, the Swarovski Crystal Worlds or the American footballers of the SWARCO Raiders will be visited as part of an afternoon program. 

Schedule and participation

All teenagers aged 14 to 19 in Austria can register their interest here to receive more information about the project. The information material will be sent to interested schools by the end of September/beginning of October 2024. Each school has time to confirm its participation by the end of November 2024. 

The winners will be notified by mid-March 2025. The award ceremony will take place on 25 April 2025 in Wattens.

SWARCO Young Mobility Ambassadors

All teenagers aged 14 to 19 in Austria

Registration until the end of November 2024

Project submission until 15 February 2025

Award ceremony on 25 April 2025 in Wattens, Tyrol