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With the rapid increase in mobility, there is a strong need for optimal use of existing infrastructure in and between cities. Accessibility and livability of cities are fundamental themes for citizens and road authorities. At SWARCO, we specialize in modern mobility management. 

Our latest technology allows for interaction between driver and traffic lights which offers many new possibilities for a safe and efficient flow of traffic whilst minimizing CO2 emissions and improving air quality.

The foundation for smart traffic. 

Good traffic management is essential for road safety. We offer a wide variety of traffic light controllers, always best-in-class, but each with its own specific requirements and compliance for use within Europe and around the globe.  

Our traffic light controllers support safe and efficient management of traffic flows at intersections. On motorways, the traffic light controller can serve as a ramp meter to regulate traffic flows. It can also be used to operate automatic rising barriers in order to divert traffic from urban centers. In tunnels, the traffic light controller can act as an incident detection system as well as a shutdown system in unsafe situations. The traffic light controller can furthermore signal and measure developing traffic jams to prevent accidents on secondary roads. Keep control over your traffic flow, even in the most complex situations.


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