Traffic Controller from SWARCO

PTC3 Traffic Controller from SWARCO

The SWARCO PTC3 Controller family builds on the legacy and provenance of the PTC-1 Controller, coupled with the class leading performance of the SWARCO ITC-3 hardware platform.

By porting over the proven and intuitive PTC-1 Controller software onto the established ITC-3 hardware platform, the PTC3 Controller family matches intuitive and user-friendly software with the worlds most advanced controller platform.

With sales of the ITC3 Controller platform in over 50 countries worldwide, including Middle East, South America & Scandinavia, the PTC3 Controller has been designed and tested to meet the harshest environmental conditions.

Cyber security approval also ensures the PTC3 Controller is secure by design, against potential cyber security threats.


Available in both large and small cabinets, the PTC3 Controllers retain the same physical dimensions as its predecessor. This approach allows for product upgrades, without the need to replace the Controller plinth – helping to reduce both cost and environmental impact.

Key Benefits

 Compatibility with PTC-1 Controller


Hardware Fully Programmable

Cyber Security Protected

  • Full configuration compatibility with PTC-1 Controller.

  • Hardware fully programmable. No 48V 230V, LED or Halogen lamp card variants.

  • Optional touchscreen user interface, incorporating in-built mimics & site-layout.

  • Integral Loop Detection.

  • Enhanced powerful processor – future proofed for expansion, with auxiliary expansion processor available to expand yet further.

  • Cyber Security protected.

  • Tested to enhanced temperature range. Future proofed for a changing climate.

  • Connection to MyCity for Remote Monitoring (RMS) & Traffic Management System (TMS)

  • Integrated CCAM support

  • Integral Chameleon to support UG405, RMS, MOVA & RTIG

  • Future integration with ImFlow & SmartAI; adaptive traffic algorithms

  • Supports distributed IO & Loop terminations for semi-distributed installations.

  • Expansion / Termination cabinets available.

  • Direct interfaces for Magnetometers & AI cameras.

  • Wi-Fi enabled for ease of maintenance & configuration

  • Direct monitoring of Pedestrian & Cycle signals