Compact efficiency

ACTROS. ALPHA.FIX Compact efficiency

The new ACTROS.alpha.fix is the latest version of the traffic controler family and is designed and optimized
specifically for use on smaller and medium-sized traffic junctions. It is an ideal addition to the well-known ACTROS family.

Thanks to its compact design, the ACTROS.alpha.fix requires only a minimum of energy and space. It is based on the
known features of the ACTROS family, such as ease of maintenance, stability and security of investment thanks to compatibility. In addition, all known ACTROS interfaces are supported. These include, for example, OCIT®, ACTROS.connect, canto®, as well as control cores and peripheral components (TOPic-ready, public transport prioritization, blind clearance).

48 independently switchable and monitorable outputs are available for modern, energy-saving 40V-LED signal heads for traffic engineering implementation. Information can be read in and requests can be switched via 32 inputs and 16 outputs.

The control unit is integrated directly into the rack and allows full access to operating parameters. In addition, the user has an overview via the graphic display: Switching on and off, manual operation and switching programs and control levels are just some of the options that are available to the user.

With the ACTROS.alpha.fix, LISA+ or Java, as the tried and tested language of the ACTROS family, continue to be used.


Technical Details