Small and powerful

ACTROS.compact Small and powerful

ACTROS.compact is the new milestone in traffic controller technology. The extremely compact device was developed specifically for smaller junctions and pedestrian crossings, and rounds off the ACTROS product family. Thanks to the further development in ACTROS controller technology, ACTROS.compact is small in size and energy-efficient and features all the properties which set ACTROS products apart: easy maintenance, user-friendly operation, good extensibility and high stability.

ACTROS.compact is compatible with all ACTROS interfaces, such as OCIT®, ACTROS.connect, SB15 and SB12. Control cores and peripheral modules such as fault sensors, KSR or audible “green light” signals for blind pedestrians can be integrated without difficulty and without major expense: “connect, program, go!”

24 outputs, which can be toggled and monitored independently of each other, are provided for traffic engineering applications. Information can be imported and requests can be toggled via 12 inputs and four outputs. The control panel is directly integrated into the front panel (as a default setup) where the program and error information is displayed. Operation via durable touch sensors enables switching on/off and the changeover of programs and control levels.

Traffic engineering is generated via LISA+, the long-standing ACTROS programming language, or via JAVA programming.


Technical Details