Real Time Passenger Information

Provide Optimal Information For Passengers.

Public transport vehicles transmit information to the central system in real time. This information includes current location, number of passengers and other data that can be used to optimize operations. At the same time, some of this information is also of great interest to passengers, e.g. arrival and departure times and punctuality of the service. This information needs to be displayed at bus stops and bus terminals, but can also be served to smart phone apps or web applications.

Information Displays

Public transport passenger information requires a wide variety of different displays, ranging from small and large indoor displays, e.g. in terminals and onboard, to outdoor displays at bays and bus stops. Depending on the situation, different technologies may be used, including RGB/LED and LCD. High-brightness, single or double-sided displays are required in difficult light situations, to maintain best possible readability, even in bright sunlight. Public transport control rooms may need large video walls for fleet management and surveillance.


Gate and Bus Stop Displays

  • Information at each stop
  • LED/RGB or TFT monitors
  • SpeakOut voice announcements
  • Boarding signal

Assistance for Disabled

  • Tactile maps with SpeakOut announcers
  • Braille and text descriptions
  • SpeakOut multi-message / multi-language announcers
  • Interactive Information terminal

Driver Information

  • Entrance information at terminals
  • Detailed visit information at Gates
  • Integrated Reverse video system

Onboard Displays​​​​

  • Destination announcement
  • Next stop announcement
  • Multimedia content management
  • LED/RGB or TFT monitors
  • SpeakOut voice announcements


  • Content management system for geo fenced and service related information
  • Hardware independent content management app for display management
  • Supervision and fault management system


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