10 Challenges and Solutions for
the Future of Mobility Management

Cities around the globe are struggling to cope with disruptive changes to mobility management.
Based on in-depth surveys of more than 400 cities worldwide, we have identified ten critical challenges that stand in the way of achieving optimised mobility management.

These include: 

  • Rapid urbanisation 
  • Limited space on city streets 
  • Shared mobility opportunities growing faster than expected
  • Other urgent issues requiring immediate attention are inadequate cross-domain integration, poor transport connectivity and overstretched personnel and transport resources. 

It is estimated that traffic congestion in cities worldwide increases travel times by 25% to 60%. Overall, a driver spends an equivalent of 148 hours per year stuck in day-to-day traffic jams.

SWARCO offers a holistic solution approach to reduce city congestion and improve traffic fluidity.

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Air pollution causes about 3.4 million premature deaths per year. Apart from the devastating human cost, the financial cost is roughly €1 trillion annually, yet 49% of cities in high-income countries fail to meet WHO air- quality guidelines.

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Steadily increasing traffic and the number of people vying to use the same, limited amount of space increases the number of accidents. Protecting vulnerable road users (VRUs) should be a priority, however, 22,700 people died and 1.2 million people were injured on EU roads in 2019. Pedestrians accounted for around 20% of these fatalities.

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Vehicles having to cruise around to find a scarce parking space contributes to increased city congestion and air pollution.

SWARCO offers the solutions to deal with the scarcity of parking spaces!

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The results are unnecessary accidents and injuries, immense costs for victims and society in addition to further disruptions in the traffic flow.

SWARCO offers various solutions to reduce the danger of driving in or near work zones and in tunnels

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"Try before you buy" services are available for customers to test and explore the various solutions that comprise SWARCO's Urban Mobility Management System "My City" before the actual purchase is finalized.

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All drivers know the annoyance of having to drive in congested areas – stop-and-go driving, lost time, getting late to work, dangerous situations, impolite road users, increased pollution, loud surroundings and much more.

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Many traffic fatalities and injuries occur at intersections, often as a result of traffic-signal malfunctions. However, many cities today only know about traffic-signal failures by reacting to public complaints instead of getting instant alerts in a modern traffic-management system.

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Micromobility use grew by 60% in just one year. This increasing complexity and the decreasing product lifecycle demand a different approach.

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Optimizing mobility management is usually prevented as a result of the incompatibility and lack of interoperability of different traffic monitoring and management systems.

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Urban Mobility Management
with SWARCO MyCity

The Way Forward

SWARCO MyCity is an urban mobility management solution for small, medium and large cities. It is designed to help cities address two key challenges: The rapid changes in urban mobility and the impact of these changes on the urban environment.

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