The Next Generation of Glass Beads

Michael Schuch, COO SWARCO AG

„Road marking materials together with SWARCO DURALUX premium glass beads are among the best systems for durable, high-performance road markings available on the market.“

Erik Maki, General Manager, SWARCO Road Marking Systems site in Mexia, Texas

For Improved Visibility

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Excellent Retroreflection

As a premium reflective glass-bead product, SWARCO DURALUX is particularly durable, simple to apply, and ensures increased road safety thanks to its exceptional retroreflection. Both white and coloured road markings with SWARCO DURALUX can be seen much more clearly, especially at night and in wet and foggy conditions.


Thanks to their special glass composition, SWARCO DURALUX beads are particularly durable. Due to this property, the premium reflective glass beads significantly extend the service life of road markings. 
The graphic below proves that the reflectivity of SWARCO DURALUX beads far surpasses even the strictest requirements of EN 1436 Class R5 over a period of 28 months. The measurements taken during this period (after 1, 8, 14 and 28 months) show excellent retroreflection even after several winters. Thanks to their durability, SWARCO DURALUX reflective glass beads reduce the need for re-marking.

Advantages at a Glance

SWARCO DURALUX beads are not only more durable than standard and high-index glass beads, but also measurably more robust. SWARCO DURALUX beads therefore not only increase the safety of road users over a longer period, but also offer clear economic benefits. 
An in-house abrasion test shows that SWARCO DURALUX beads show hardly any defects, flaking or signs of wear. This speaks to the extraordinary durability of SWARCO DURALUX beads. They are considerably more resistant than other types of beads. Roadmarking professionals can be certain that they will achieve the required values, and sustainably increase road safety thanks to the higher retroreflection.

The Next Generation of Glass Beads

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