Glass Beads

Small Beads, Great Effect

SWARCO has been manufacturing reflective glass beads for road markings since 1969. There have been drastic changes in mobility over those five decades. Having said that, the vision we had back then is more true now than ever. Ensuring safety and comfort for all road users is fundamental to every road around the world.

The Principle

The principle behind our reflective glass beads is as simple as it is brilliant: The micro glass beads which are embedded in the marking materials reflect the beam from the headlights back to the driver illuminating the road markings. This enhances road safety substantially, in particular in the dark and in wet road conditions. In a nutshell, retro-reflective marking systems guide the traffic, keeping road users safe.


SWARCO is one of the world's leading manufacturers of reflective glass beads, with production facilities in Europe, the United States and Saudi Arabia. Our glass bead products can help you improve the reflective power of the markings on your roads and increase the safety of all road users.

Retroreflection Scenarios

Drop-on Beads that fit

glassbeads drop-on
Drop On enlarged

Each Bead is Unique

The combinations are varied and individual.

There are different types of reflective glass beads. Our smallest micro glass beads only measure a few thousandths of a millimeter, while the maximum diameter is 2 millimeters. Our product range consists of five different types of beads to satisfy all requirements.

Our Glass Beads

The next generation of glass beads.

Our high-performance glass beads SWARCO DURALUX, achieve excellent retroreflection values of over 1000 mcd/m2*lx.

Even after several years of traffic exposure the required standard values get significantly exceeded. Suitable for all road marking materials. 


Diameters from 212 to 1400 µm

Excellent retroreflection values

Special glass composition

High-index beads for airports

Our high-index glass beads PLUS9BEADS act as  top-quality reflectors for airport markings.


Diameters from 200 to 1000 µm

Refractive index ≥ 1.9

Especially for airport markings

The standard
in reflective glass beads.

Diameters from 100 to 850 µm

Very good retroreflection

Larger beads for enhanced wet night visibility.

Diameters from 600 to 1400 µm

Increased retroreflecive values under traffic load

Enhanced wet night visibility

Heavy-duty bead mix.

Diameters from 100 to 1400 µm

Exceptional reflective power

Glass Beads Production