Lane Markings

The Safest Way Into the Future

Road Markings are an important safety factor in today's road transport. We bring their benefits together on the road surface:
SWARCO Road Marking Systems not only produces high-grade reflective Glass Beads and Marking Materials – it also manufactures integrated systems combining both product lines. As sole full-range supplier worldwide, we provide you with Retro-Reflective systems from one source and, where necessary, support you on site in all phases of planning and implementation.

Keep on the safe side with us: Every millimeter of Road Marking boasts the product quality, service strength and solution competence of a global market and innovation leader.


Reducing Accidents means Saving Lives

Road markings lower the risk of accidents

What is the point of having the sharpest eye or the most intelligent driver assist system if the required orientation aids are not visible or legible?

Type I Marking Systems

Visibly efficient by day and night

The standard system for secondary road networks

Type II Marking Systems

Visibly better at night and in wet conditions

State of the art in modern marking systems


Additional Services

Consulting, Planning, Installation, Service and Maintenance

We offer a wide range of services to help you with your projects. Rely on us for an entire project or just a part of it and we are happy to take over service and maintenance.