Preformed Thermoplastic

More Safety, More Fun

Life is colorful. Just like a playground, schoolyard or road: preformed thermoplastic brightens up everyday life and also helps make it safer and more fun. Our durable preformed markings are extremely effective on roads. Placed directly in the driver's line of sight and featuring well-known icons and symbols, they reduce risk in potentially dangerous areas. This especially helps protect more vulnerable road users and children.

Preformed markings are also really eye-catching away from the road. They can be used to create a maze in a playground, or a number snake in a schoolyard, or a logo on the approach to a company. And there are so many more options too: You can choose from a host of different colors and shapes to recreate your ideas on the ground. We are more than happy to advise you on our colorful and broad range of options.

Life is colorful

And so is our Portfolio

Traffic Signs

Lines, arrows, pictograms, letters, numbers: Preformed markings keep traffic flowing by providing rapid, clear
directions. They increase safety levels and make driving easier for all road users.

Placing conventional traffic signs on the road as preformed markings puts them directly in the driver’s line of sight and makes them impossible to overlook. Reflective glass beads make them much more visible in all light and weather conditions.

Special Symbols and Customized Logos

From special symbols to customized logos: Preformed markings come in many different shapes and colors and are also eye-catching features away from the road. Put your unique mark on your town square, company site or property.

Playground and Schoolyard Markings

Learning, playing and having fun:
Bright preformed markings in schoolyards and playgrounds inspire children to interact with each other and let their imaginations soar.
Whatever you create – whether it's a letter maze, a number snake, a huge compass or rocket to the moon – it's guaranteed to make learning fun.

Application Preformed Thermoplastic