Type I Marking Systems

Visibly Efficient by Day and Night

The standard system for secondary road networks:
So-called type-I markings are a widespread and very cost-effective form of marking in many countries.

Special characteristics:
This type of marking is very visible in the daylight and – depending on the glass bead – offers adequate to good visibility at night in dry road conditions.

In darkness and poor weather (fog, rain), a film of water on the glass beads prevents retro-reflection of the headlight beam. In that case, the marking offers poor visibility and is hard to spot. The film of water causes a mirror reflection that creates a glare for oncoming traffic.

Good to know:
Type-I markings can be created with all approved, sprayable marking materials as well as thermo and cold-spray plastics as a plain marking. Glass bead blends sized between 100 and 850 μm are especially adjusted for this.

SWARCO ROAD MARKING SYSTEMS: Tailor-made for your needs.

Each marking system is a tailor-made combination of
marking materials and reflective glass beads.

We will happily advise you on which system is best suited to your specific requirements.

Application of
2 Component Cold Spray Plastic