SWARCO DURALUX Achieves Impressive Results in Kansas

Measurements demonstrate exceptional retroreflection values of SWARCO Road Marking Systems’ premium reflective glass beads. In combination with the MFUA 10 two-component system, outstanding results are achieved in different weather conditions, using white as well as yellow lane markings.

Lane markings are an integral part of modern road infrastructure. They allow for better orientation on the road by day and by night, be it in sunny or rainy conditions. All road marking components must be adjusted optimally to one another so that road users can recognize them in the best possible way, especially in difficult conditions. SWARCO DURALUX premium reflective glass beads and the fast-curing MFUA 10 two-component system are a real “dream team” in this respect, as demonstrated by measurements on US Highway 169 in Kansas.

In test measurements conducted in Kansas, USA, SWARCO DURALUX premium reflective glass beads made a compelling case across the board – also in combination with yellow marking material.

Photo: SWARCO Road Marking Systems

For today’s road safety, clearly visible lane markings are indispensable. As a global player in this field, SWARCO Road Marking Systems therefore tests its products on all continents and in various conditions to continuously improve its high-grade marking systems.
Over the past months, a US team in Kansas, the Sunflower State, conducted a field test, focusing on the retroreflection values of both white and yellow markings in wet road conditions. The values achieved show the lane markings’ excellent visibility at night and in wet conditions. As the marking system, the MFUA 10 two-component material was used together with SWARCO DURALUX micro glass beads. Thanks to their special glass formulation, the premium reflective glass beads impress with exceptional retroreflection – both in white and colored marking materials.

Clearly above Requirements

Even the first retroreflection measurements after the markings were applied made a compelling case: According to ASTM Standard E1710, in dry road conditions, reference values above 1200 mcd/m²*lx were recorded for white markings and above 600 mcd/m²*lx for yellow lines, markedly exceeding the minimum values of 400 mcd/m²*lx (white) and 300 mcd/m²*lx (yellow) respectively. The eagerly awaited results of the subsequent test in wet conditions (according to ASTM Standard E1710) were equally impressive. The retroreflectometer displayed values above 925 mcd/m²*lx for the white lines, and more than 475 mcd/m²*lx for the yellow markings. Thus, the markings also clearly exceeded the minimum requirements of 300 and 225 mcd/m²*lx respectively.

Values Surpassed Yet Again

In order to verify these figures, an external evaluation took place four months later, repeating the measurements. The results confirmed the values reached after the markings were applied – and even exceeded them. In dry road conditions, up to 1300 mcd/m²*lx (white) and 800 mcd/m²*lx (yellow) were recorded. In wet road conditions, the marking system combining MFUA 10 and SWARCO DURALUX yielded 940 and 600 mcd/m²*lx respectively.

Durable, High-Performance Markings

These measurements prove that SWARCO DURALUX reflective glass beads in combination with MFUA 10 make for high-performance, durable road markings suitable for any weather and road surface. Both representatives of the Kansas Department of Transportation and the SWARCO Road Marking Systems team are delighted about the successful test results. As Erik Maki, Deputy General Manager of SWARCO REFLEX, LLC, affirmed: “The MFUA 10 marking material together with SWARCO DURALUX micro glass beads are among the best systems for durable, high-performance road markings available on the market.”

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