Road Markings Reduce Accidents and Save Lives

SWARCO Road Marking Systems’ SWARCO SOLIDPLUS & SWARCO DURALUX premium reflective glass beads increase road safety thanks to their high retroreflection.

Lane markings are one of the most important roadway safety elements. They guide road users reliably and allow for better orientation, reducing the number of serious accidents. SWARCO Road Marking Systems is one of the global players in marking systems, setting the highest standards for retroreflection and durability with SWARCO SOLIDPLUS & SWARCO DURALUX premium reflective glass beads.

Thanks to their high retroreflection, premium reflective glass beads such as SWARCO SOLIDPLUS & SWARCO DURALUX enhance road safety and guide people safely on the road.

23 November 2021 – “Lane markings are an essential safety factor in road traffic. The formula to enhance safety in this field is simple – the higher the quality of high-performance marking systems, the more safely they guide people on the road. In this way, road safety is improved significantly and many lives can be saved,” describes Harald Mosböck, Vice President Region Europe & APMEA (Sales & Contracting).

Higher Retroreflection Means Lower Accident Risk

“Marking materials contain glass beads that reflect the beam from the headlight back to the driver. As a premium reflective glass bead, SWARCO SOLIDPLUS & SWARCO DURALUX is also particularly durable and easy to apply, and it increases road safety thanks to its exceptional retroreflection. This supports the safe orientation of road users and reduces the risk of accidents,” Mosböck explains. The study “Investigation of longitudinal pavement marking retroreflectivity and safety” (Carlson, Park & Kang, 2013) demonstrates that every 100 mcd/m²*lx increase in retroreflection reduces the risk of accidents by up to 8.6 percent. This can save lives. Particularly at night and in foggy or rainy weather, road markings can be seen much more clearly – precisely when they are most important to road users!

Impressive Retroreflection

The retroreflection value of SWARCO SOLIDPLUS & SWARCO DURALUX considerably exceeds even the highest standard requirements of EN 1436 Class R5. Test series on motorways showed initial values of up to 952 mcd/m²*lx. Two years later, after more than 25 million vehicles had driven over the lane markings, SWARCO SOLIDPLUS & SWARCO DURALUX still yielded a retroreflection value of 433 mcd/m2*lx, which was markedly higher than the recommended standard values. This combination of retroreflection and durability brings advantages for all parties involved. Road users benefit from better visibility, automated systems work more reliably, and striping companies don’t need to carry out repairs – and hamper traffic – as often. “Thanks to its properties, this premium reflective glass bead is also ideal for implementing the 150 x 150 formula. According to this formula, road markings are particularly effective with a minimum line width of 150 mm and a retroreflection value of at least 150 mcd/m²*lx in dry weather,” Mosböck explains.

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