Parking Management Solutions

The Future is Yours.

This solution family offers a range of technologies and digital services that enable a parking operator working in the ‘on-street’ or ‘off-street’ environment complete control over who can access their sites, and where it is important to do so, enable users to pay for those services in an efficient and friendly way.

SWARCO’s solutions are created using a suite of powerful software packages and integrated hardware components that give operators the ability to design, configure and deliver their unique customer experience in a way they want.


For Parking Management Solutions

Barrier Controlled Parking Systems

These are traditional parking management systems with barriers. Customers take tickets or present some form of access credential on entry, pay for their stay when they are ready to leave and exit with the same card or ticket they entered with. Single stand-alone sites can be connected to create much larger groupings or a number of car parks can be connected together under the control of one master - typically one data administration unit can manage up to 100 other car parks as long as there is a sufficient data connection between them.

Core Components of a Barrier Controlled Parking System

In addition to the core components already described, car park operators can add many other services either on installation or as the business demands change. Intercoms, licence plate recognition, sign controls and single space occupancy management systems  are just some examples of such services. To make user experience even more pleasant and stress free, pre-booking or payment and pay-as-you-go hands free parking for pre-registered users can easily be added using various integration modules that can also be added.

Major Benefits


Benefits for Drivers

  • Anyone can use the service at any time
  • User experience is standardised across global markets
  • Card and data security meets world standards
  • Barriers provide a sense of security and a unique opportunity to communicate with the visitor


Advantages for Car Park Owners/Operators

  • Barriers provide a controlled, transitional space from highway to car park
  • Cost effective way of protecting parking services for customers
  • Payment security - revenue is collected before drivers leave the site
  • Data security - main services can be delivered without having any external connectivity
  • Provides a great and consistent user experience every time
  • The customer is engaged as an organic part of your service

Driver Information

  • Display directions to free parking slots
  • Advertise special events or promotions
  • Intercom and video link for personal driver assistance

Barrierless Parking Systems

Barrierless parking is quite a new concept but operates very much like road tolling. Instead of using barriers to control who can access a site or make sure payments are made operators will use enforcement law or dynamic tariff structures to encourage users to comply. As with road tolling, most systems on offer will use the vehicles licence plate as a form of recognition because it doesn’t need the driver to pre-register. In reality any technology could be used because the system is only looking to connect a customer with the car park. In addition to the use of licence plate reading technology, FreeFlow systems can also use NFC tags, bluetooth or iBeacons and mobile phone Apps with embedded GPS services to link a visitor to a car park and then create a fee.

Systems can be deployed in many forms to support local payment by coin, note or credit card or offer only web-based card payments with no local hardware required. Systems can also be easily built up from a very basic form as and when the owner requires. A small hotel, for example, would only need a pole mounted camera to cover bi-directional traffic and have access to the systems web-to-pay service to start taking payments for the car park.

When deployed in the right scenario they offer a highly flexible, low investment option particularly where pay & display or basic, complex mobile payment options have been offered in the past.

Core Components of Barrierless Solutions

Major Benefits


Benefits for Drivers

  • Very easy to use, no need to worry about how long you will be staying
  • No need to sign-up or register for the service
  • No special APP is needed, just the ability to have some device that access the web
  • No queues at peak periods to worry about


Advantage for Car Park Owners/Operators

  • The system can be branded the way you want to be
  • Extremely cost effective to deploy
  • Payment Hardware independent
  • Full control over the way you want to manage the site
  • Can run in parallel with existing technology i.e. park by text services
  • All owner or customer related functions available on tablet, mobile or PC