Surface Treatment

SWARCOBLAST glass blasting beads as mineral
fine blasting media

SWARCOBLAST glass blasting beads by SWARCO Indusferica are a mineral fine blasting medium made of lead-free hardened soda-lime glass. They are ideal for use in injection and pressure blasting processes for the treatment of workpieces, such as of metal, cast, wooden or 3D printed parts, etc. In addition, SWARCOBLAST offers a whole range of organic products:

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Desanding, Removal of residues, Surface treatment for coatings

e.g. Polishing

Surface hardening, Straightening and shaping, Shot peening


Removing undesired formations

 SWARCOBLAST Glass Blasting Media

SWARCOBLAST Glass Blasting Beads

  • non-metallic mineral fine abrasive
  • made of lead-free, hardened sodium glass
  • used in blasting processes for the treatment of workpiece surfaces

SWARCOBLAST Glass Blasting Granulate

  • non-metallic, mineral fine abrasive
  • made of soda-lime glass
  • especially suitable for applications where abrasive losses are unavoidable
  • for gentle derusting, descaling and deburring of metallic materials
  • for woodworking
  • Reusable abrasive

 More SWARCOBLAST Blasting Media

SWARCOBLAST Normal Corundum

  • Hard and tough, multiple-use blasting medium with sharp edges

  • Non-metallic, synthetic

  • Made of aluminium oxide

  • Highly abrasive and shortest process time

SWARCOBLAST High-Grade Corundum, White

  • Very hard, multiple-use blasting medium with sharp edges
  • Non-metallic, synthetic
  • Made of aluminium oxide
  • Non-ferrous, aggressive blasting medium
  • Highly abrasive and shortest process time
  • Also used as anti-skid material in road markings

SWARCOBLAST High-Grade Corundum, Pink

  • Very hard, multiple-use blasting medium with sharp edges; highly abrasive

  • Non-metallic, synthetic

  • Made of aluminium oxide

  • Very sharp edges

  • Highly abrasive and shortest process time

SWARCOBLAST Blasting Corundum

  • Blasting medium for cleaning very dirty surfaces

  • Synthetic (aluminium oxide) and metallic (ferrosilicon)

  • Equally aggressive and stable

  • Powerful alternative for [more] basic requirements

SWARCOBLAST Crushed Grinding Wheels

  • Cost-efficient blasting medium

  • Non-metallic, synthetic

  • Made of crushed grinding wheels and corundum dust

  • Mixture of normal and high-grade corundum

  • Very sharp edges

SWARCOBLAST Polyamide Plastic Granulate

  • Dust-free, non-abrasive blasting medium

  • Non-metallic, organic

  • Made of plastic

  • Ideal for gentle deburring of plastic parts

  • No visible traces of treatment on the polished surface

  • No clogging of slots and bores

  • High cutting accuracy

SWARCOBLAST Vest-Air-Fin Plastic Granulate

  • Chemically inert, non-toxic blasting medium with a long service life
  • Synthetic, made of thermosetting plastic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Gentle on surfaces of precision parts
  • Gentle thanks to cellulose-enriched thermoset moulding compounds
  • Deburring of aluminium[-] and zinc[-alloy] die-cast parts, and electronic components
  • Paint and varnish removal without affecting the tolerance
  • Surface compaction of powder-coated parts
  • Ideal for sport boats, automotive and air-craft parts made of aluminium or magnesium
  • Cleaning of steel and chrome-plated moulds for the foam, rubber and plastics industry
  • Cleaning of injection moulding and extrusion screws
  • Restoration of wooden surfaces, façades and monuments


  • Extremely soft organic blasting medium

  • Absorbs water and oil

  • 100% natural granulate made of corn cobs

  • Drying agent in vibratory finishing processes

  • Surface treatment of light-metal and engine parts using injection and pressure blasting systems

  • Maintains surface roughness

  • Ideal for smoothing, polishing, vibratory finishing, cleaning and drying

  • Low disposal costs (98% of the corn cob shot is fully burned during incineration

  • Grain sizes ranging from 200 to 5,000 micrometres

SWARCOBLAST Walnut Shell Granulate

  • Natural, organic blasting medium

  • No preservatives

  • No iron content

  • Removes dirt and elastic coatings

  • Does not affect the tolerance of the base material

  • Deburring of thermosets

  • Matting of plastic surfaces

  • Descaling of turbines, compressors, engines, valves, reactors or chassis

  • Filling agent for the coating of castings

  • Used as dust-free biodegradable pet litter for small animals

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