Corn cob shot is a natural blasting medium and ideal for smoothing, polishing, mass finishing, cleaning as well as for drying surfaces. In addition to micro glass beads, SWARCO also relies on organic materials as blasting media. Corn cob shot has proven to be particularly suitable for mass finishing and pressure blasting systems.

It is used as a soft blasting medium in mass finishing processes to dry, clean or polish soft metal surfaces. Thanks to the natural honeycomb structure of its grains, corn cob shot has very high absorption capacity, making it the ideal material for removing detergent residues off metal parts that have previously been worked on. With its hardness of approx. 4.5 (acc. to Mohs), corn cob shot achieves exceptionally good polishing results.

Corn cob shot is equally efficient when used for high-pressure cleaning. Unlike its fellow organic “competitors” on the blasting media market, corn cob shot is more impact-resistant, making it recyclable. It generates less dust and is therefore particularly suitable for use in sensitive areas, such as for cleaning historical monuments or in the fine forging industry. In sum, this organic blasting medium stands out thanks to its high absorption capacity (it can absorb up to 1.5 times its own weight in water), ist strong resistance and resulting recycling potential, and its low dust generation. In addition, corn cob shot can be incinerated very efficiently (just 2% of its mass is left over as ash), which helps save on disposal costs. SWARCOBLAST corn cob shot is available in grain sizes ranging from 200 to 5,000 micrometres. All sizes are available in 20 kg units.