A versatile product

In addition to glass beads, the SWARCOBLAST portfolio also includes organic products. Walnut shell granulate, in combination with stone fruit pit fragments, makes for a versatile fine blasting medium used from the hobby all the way to heavy industry.

As a blasting medium without preservatives and, above all, without iron content, walnut shell granulate makes a compelling case, especially thanks to its softness. It is ideal for cleaning sensitive surfaces, such as monuments. For example, walnut shell granulate allows for an efficient removal of elastic coatings without affecting the tolerance of the base material. In the plastics industry, there is a wide array of applications for the deburring of thermosets. This fine blasting medium is also suitable for matting plastic surfaces.

A True All-Rounder
Walnut shell granulate is used as a blasting medium in the petrochemical, aviation, automotive and maritime industries to descale turbines, compressors, engines, valves, reactors or chassis. In foundries, walnut shell granulate serves as a filling agent for the coating of castings. The dust-free grains are also used as a natural and biodegradable pet litter for small animals.