Corundum: Edged and versatile

The product catalogue of SWARCOBLAST blasting media includes a whole range of high-grade corundum. Corundum is a mineral and part of the oxide and hydroxide mineral class. Chemically speaking, it belongs to the family of aluminium oxides. Given their hardness, different varieties of corundum are used as abrasives and blasting media in industrial applications.

The different types of SWARCOBLAST corundum are available as “Normal Corundum”, “High-Grade Corundum, white”, “High-Grade Corundum, pink” and “Blasting Corundum”. While the first two are non-metallic, synthetic fi ne blasting media made of aluminium oxide, High-Grade Corundum, pink is made of crystalline aluminium oxide, which is molten out of clay with an electrical arc. The simple Blasting Corundum is a by-product of the production of Normal Corundum and partly mineral, partly metallic. While the other types of corundum are used in highly specialized processes, the simple Blasting Corundum is an alternative for situations that do not have higher requirements.

A Wide Field of Applications
SWARCOBLAST corundum blasting media make a compelling case, first and foremost, thanks to their hardness and sharp edges. They are suitable for pressure and injector blasting processes and are used in a range of industrial and specialized applications, depending on their respective detail properties. From the cleaning, deburring and roughening of high-grade metallic materials to the treatment of sensitive components used in the aerospace industry all the way to dental and lab technology applications.