C-ITS / V2X Ready Hardware

SWARCO V2X Standalone Road Side Unit (RSU).

Connected vehicles will not only lead to technical revolutions in car industry. Together with developments in highly automated mobility, which is sometimes simply reduced to the term “autonomous cars”, it will change our mobility habits and thus our life.
In 2019 first connected cars shall be on the market. At the same time, many highly automated functions will be in series.
This does not happen un-coordinated or at random. Industry, and administration cooperate in various initiatives. An important result for the infrastructure is the European strategy COM(2016) 766 on Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (also referred to as C-ITS Systems).
Within C-ITS, standards are introduced, which support Vehicle-to-anything (V2X) communication. These include communication technologies for Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) and in future Vehicle-to-Pedestrian (V2P).

Major Benefits

Traffic Safety
Better Traffic Quality
& Capacity Utilization
Improved Travelling

What are the functions of SWARCO's V2X Standalone Road Side Unit (RSU)?

A “Modem”-2-Vehicles

SWARCO V2X Standalone RSU acts as a “communication modem”, which provides a communication link based on the standards used in V2X communication, the ETSI ITS G5
5.9 GHz 802.11p.
Concept prepared to use future alternatives (e.g. PC5 link) of next generation / 5G technologies

A smart sensor /
mini sender

SWARCO V2X Standalone RSU can make evaluations of data received from vehicles. Thus, only analysed or aggregated data needs to be exchanged – to the benefit of minimising communication data and to meet data privacy requirements.

CAM Aggregation

As part of the ETSI EN 302 637-2 vehicles send Cooperative Awareness Messages (CAM) at least every second. The messages include the vehicle position, speed, driving direction and vehicle type (car, truck, bus, …) and attributes such as “blue light” in operation or “headlights on”.

CAM aggregation supports evaluations as specified in ECo-AT “SWP 2.1 Use Cases CAM Aggregation”.

  • Speed (avg, min, max),
  • volume /number
  • travel time estimate

can be provided per configurable interval based on configurable detection zones. Further evaluations (e.g. jam entry detection) can be developed on request.

DENM warning messages

Standalone RSUs can be used to send / receive warning messages as defined in “Decentralized Environmental Notification Message (ETSI EN 302 637-3)”.

IVI (dynamic) road sign messages

Standalone RSUs can be used to send the content of (dynamic) road signs as defined in “In Vehicle Information (ISO/TS 19321)”.

Interface to existing ITS infrastructure

Since acting as “modem”, the standalone RSU needs to interface to an existing ITS System (central or roadside). The following interfaces are supported:

  • ECo-AT SWP 3.1 – Central ITS Station
    Interface IF3: C-ITS-S <-> R-ITS-S
    this is a OCIT-C SOAP XML interface type
  • OCIT-O-CAR interface as defined by the ODG in Germany
  • A web socket based interface to the “TLX” data broker defined and utilized in Talking Traffic, Netherlands
  • A MQTT based interface (SWARCO currently used internally)

PoE single plug connector

The SWARCO V2X Standalone RSU is attached to existing ITS environment via a single PoE cable.   

Certificates / PKI  

Integral part of the V2X technology is a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). All communication devices built into a vehicle or infrastructure are provided with certificates. This mechanism allows to create and verify message signatures and thus unauthorised messages can be ignored.

The governance of how to obtain / renew certificates is determined by international rules: in Europe a common EU Certificate Policy is being issued by the European commission.

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