Off-street parking

SWARCO offers off-street parking solutions for convenient, safe and secure parking.

Off-street parking provides the following benefits:

  • Quick and effortless parking for pick-up and drop-off
  • Pay only for the parking duration
  • Safety and security for vehicles and passengers
  • More parking bays for genuine parkers

Off street parking projects have been implemented by SWARCO at hospitals, housing complexes, office buildings, shopping malls, cinemas, airports, railway stations, auditoriums and fairgrounds.


  • Convenient car access

    Access control through pay machines and barrier systems merged with identity management increases security, convenience and reduces maintenance costs.

  • Innovative payment solutions

    SWARCO has developed the latest innovation in hands-free parking, open to integration of non-contact chips and license plate recognition.

  • Integrated Information

    Technology that informs, guides and provides traffic and timetable information wherever you need it!

  • Marking systems for parking

    SWARCO offers a number of marking systems especially designed to identify parking spaces at outdoor car parks and in parking houses.

  • Security

    Our systems integrate with any common product and technology to provide our customers with excellent communication and security solutions.

  • Signage

    A complete range of static and variable signs for parking information and guidance, designed to individual specifications.

  • Utilization

    Utilize the information provided by the system, use it to make your business and customer service even better.