Parking Solutions

Modern parking management solutions

The SWARCO Group is a seasoned expert in delivering the full range of solutions to organize and manage parking:


SWARCO delivers complete tailor-made solutions to airports, parking operators, shopping centres, real estate owners, railway authorities, hotels, arenas, leisure facilities, offices, and municipalities. In addition to products and service and support, SWARCO can provide assistance at any stage during the development of a project.

If you choose SWARCO as a partner, you get parking solutions that make parking

  • convenient for the motorists
  • environmentally friendly
  • economically interesting for the operator
  • easy to handle
  • safe and secure
  • as handsfree as possible
  • reliable and well serviced around the clock

Apart from the know-how and equipment from our own companies in the Nordic countries, Germany, Austria, UK and Hungary, we can regionally rely on strong partnerships with leading manufacturers such as SKIDATA (Nordics) and McCain (USA, Americas).


  • Parking guidance

    SWARCO offers scaleable parking guidance solutions ranging from floor and space guidance in car parks to solutions that cover complete cities.

  • Off-street parking

    SWARCO offers off-street parking solutions for convenient and safe and secure parking.

  • On-street parking

    SWARCO provides systems of effective management and maintenance that maximize opportunities and minimize difficulties associated with on-street parking.

  • Motorway parking

    SWARCO has developed a system that ensures that truck drivers can plan and spend their rest times in a secure and predictable way.

  • Parking information & communication

    SWARCO's systems collect valuable information that can be processed for various needs and presented on different platforms.

  • Services for parking

    There are countless opportunities to benefit from the information our parking solutions provide – both for information and commercial purposes.

  • Marking systems for parking

    SWARCO offers a number of marking systems especially designed to identify parking spaces at outdoor car parks and in parking houses.