SWARCO has many years of experience in the field of modern traffic management and helps cities & communities around the world to make their transport systems more efficient, reduce emissions and improve the overall quality of life for citizens. Modern traffic management is not limited to the improvement of traffic flow and traffic safety but takes a holistic view of mobility.

With the increasing use of digital technologies and real-time traffic data analysis, we are in the midst of a paradigm shift.

Traffic management: Definition

Since the beginning of traffic management almost 300 years ago, two main problems have always had to be overcome;              congestion and road safety. They remain to be an issue to this day.
Now, a third challenge has been added; environmental protection.

Definition: Modern traffic management solutions monitor and control different types of traffic using digital technology.
The focus is shifting more and more towards mobility management, as other modes of transport such as local transport and cycling, become the focus of attention. Traffic management systems are not only intended to increase traffic flow and safety, but also to solve other problems such as air pollution, noise, environmental impact, etc.

SWARCO COO Michael Schuch

"SWARCOs helhetlige tilnærming til trafikkstyring tar hensyn til alle aspekter av trafikk i byer, på motorveier, i tunneler, på parkeringsplasser, ved ladestasjoner, i havneområder og i offentlige transportnett. Mikromobilitet blir stadig viktigere for å sikre utslippsfrie reisemåter hele veien."

Michael Schuch, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Traffic Management: Competences and solutions – by SWARCO

Today, cities and municipalities expect intelligent traffic management systems to manage both
traffic flow and traffic safety. They also increase efficiency in the expansion of
public transport and infrastructure and logistics, as well as providing smart solutions for the reduction of various
environmental impacts. At SWARCO, we have a whole range of technologies that are specialised in the following                  competences and solutions:

Our Competence

Transport Telematics (ITS) combines state-of-the-art information and communication technologies to improve the safety, efficiency and sustainability of transport & logistics.

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The aim of urban traffic management systems is to get road users to their destination as quickly and safely as possible. At the same time, traffic management is also used to reduce the negative effects of mobility on the environment, e.g. to reduce air pollution. Of course, good management also improves road safety for all road users.

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SWARCO's dynamic guidance systems help keep traffic moving on motorways and in tunnels, provide directions and timely warnings that allow drivers to avoid congestion and reduce emissions as well as providing information on alternative routes and speed limits. SWARCO offers integrated systems that manage both the operation of tunnels and the traffic through them.

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Transport planners and politicians are increasingly focusing on cycling as an efficient and environmentally friendly means of transport. Cyclists not only contribute to a better environment, but also to reducing traffic congestion. Many cities are therefore willing to invest in their road systems, infrastructure and not least in their technical facilities to promote cycling.

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With over 90% of the world's trade moving by sea, ports play an important role in international logistics. A port's ability to reduce delays, control and secure cargo, and connect to environmental infrastructure is key to meeting customer demands and increasing supply chain efficiency.

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For Traffic Management Solutions

Utforme trafikkstyring på et by-dekkende og regionalt nivå i en av Italias mest besøkte byer
Nytt trafikkontrollsenter for rumensk by
Praktisk offentlig transportflåtehåndtering for en storby i Israel
Byutvikling går i tråd med trafikkstyring
Planlegging og gjennomføring av integrerte mobilitetsløsninger
Integrering av bytrafikkstyring, Elbtunnel-kontroll og statens advarselssenter inn et moderne trafikkontrollrom

Special Solutions

The way traffic management is implemented influences the improvement of air quality.

Urban Intersection

The special solution SWARCO X-LINE is the future-oriented platform for the energy-efficient modernisation of traffic light systems.

Aerial view of a modern city

As a mobility expert, SWARCO contributes to smarter and greener cities by improving ITS technology.

Olympic Flag. Photo: Kremlin.ru


SWARCO offers solutions that take into account all aspects of a well thought-out large-scale event.

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Developing traffic management: together with SWARCO

Modern traffic management solutions powered by SWARCO improve the quality of life by helping to keep traffic moving, save emissions, reduce personal stress and encourage the use of alternative (public) transport. Our smart and data-based solutions are therefore particularly effective at intersections, on motorways & in tunnels, car parks, port areas and public transport networks.

As a future driver of modern traffic management, we pursue the goals of...


Getting all participants in transport and logistics to their destination as quickly and safely as possible.


Making transport & logistics more efficient and reduce fuel consumption in the process.


Reducing the negative impact of mobility on the environment.


Using smart solutions and real-time traffic data to make alternative modes of transport, such as public transport and cycling, more attractive.

Last but not least: new technologies enable us to actively reshape the future of mobility. That is why traffic management is increasingly evolving into mobility management - with a holistic view of traffic, society and the environment.


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