Perfect Conditions for the Production of Premium Reflective Glass Beads

“The next generation of glass beads” has a new home – the SWARCO Global Glass Beads Technology Center in Neufurth, Austria.

With its SWARCO SOLIDPLUS & SWARCO DURALUX premium reflective glass beads, SWARCO Road Marking Systems plays a pioneering role. As part of high-performance marking systems, these glass beads make markings more visible and roads safer. Recently, production was moved to the new SWARCO Global Glass Beads Technology Center. At the business park in Neufurth, the company makes state-of-the-art technical standards a reality. Thus, SWARCO Road Marking Systems not only opens up new dimensions in quality management; it also further minimizes the premium glass beads’ ecological footprint.

At the new SWARCO Global Glass Beads Technology Center, the ecological footprint of premium glass beads was further optimized thanks to state-of-the-art technology.

26 January 2022 – Reflective glass beads are an integral part of modern marking systems and make roads safer. They reflect the beam from the headlight back to the driver, enhancing the marking’s visibility significantly. This is of crucial importance, especially at night and in challenging weather conditions. SWARCO Road Marking Systems is one of the global players in this field. With its innovative production machinery and equipment at the new SWARCO Global Glass Beads Technology Center in Neufurth, the company sets new quality standards in the production of high-grade reflective glass beads.

Ecological and Efficient

“Optimizing sustainability and increasing efficiency were two essential aspects in the planning of our new production site. And with the SWARCO Global Glass Beads Technology Center, we successfully achieved these goals. We managed to further minimize the ecological footprint of our premium glass beads,” Peter Tomazic, Vice President Region Europe at SWARCO Road Marking Systems, says proudly. By using state-of-the-art glass melters, production emissions can be reduced to a minimum. And the high degree of raw material efficiency increases SWARCO SOLIDPLUS’ & SWARCO DURALUX’ sustainability, too.

New Technologies for the Highest Quality Standards

In addition to all the positive ecological aspects, the new machinery and equipment open up new dimensions within the industry when it comes to production quality. “For our new Technology Center, we developed unique transport systems that are extremely gentle on the product. The high degree of automation that we have implemented guarantees a production process that is both particularly stable and steady, which, in turn, results in a high and consistent product quality,” Peter Tomazic explains. All processes are displayed on screens in real time to ensure full transparency in production, allowing employees to focus entirely on process and product quality. “In addition to state-of-the-art standards, our site also offers significantly more space to keep developing our products, which is very important to us. After all, ‘The next generation of glass beads’ did not happen by chance – it is the result of many years of dedicated efforts by our experts at the Center of Competence. Now, we finally have the space to be able to put the full scope of the findings into practice and build on them further. That way, we continue to play a leading role in the field of high-performance marking systems. As a result, we can support our customers to be the best in their respective business areas,” Tomazic says.

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