Greenwave for Copenhagen / Denmark

Greenwave and Other Technologies are Revolutionising Bicycle Safety​​​​​​​

With products such as Greenwave, the "green wave" for cyclists, SWARCO is promoting the extension and safety of the cycling network in large cities. Best example: Copenhagen, the most bike-friendly city in the world.

The bicycle is becoming increasingly important as a means of transport in large cities for transport and environmental reasons. Today, 9 out of 10 Danes already own a bicycle, but only 4 out of 10 own a car. And in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, cycling has reached a new record in 2016: more bikes than cars in the city centre - 265,700 to 252,600! At the same time, however, there is still great potential to make bike lanes safer and to expand them in order to make cycling even more attractive for commuters.

Cyclemeter in Copenhagen. Another way of making cycling more attractive.

The Technology gets Rolling

As a supplier of bike lane markings, SWARCO would like to drive this development forward with pioneering technologies and products. That is why we are particularly proud to be able to support cities such as Copenhagen in extending their two-wheeled infrastructure. One example of these innovative products is the Cyclemeter. This informs cyclists about speed, temperature, time, passing bikes on that day/year, public announcements, train/bus times, events, etc. By installing the device, a city can motivate cyclists, thank them for their contribution to the environment or show statistics. At the same time, the traffic officers responsible can get a detailed picture of bicycle traffic - as is already common practice in many cities today for cars.

Greenwave: for Flowing, Safe Traffic

A particularly interesting proprietary development is Greenwave: LED lights in asphalt or on posts visualize a "green wave". This tells the cyclist whether he or she can cross the next traffic light at the speed he or she has selected when the lights are green. Countdown signals are also used. If a cyclist remains in the green wave, he is given the green light at the next intersection - and at the next - and the next - and so on. The system is connected to the surrounding intersections and traffic signals to ensure perfect coordination with other road users and to generate an ideal traffic flow.
You can find out more about Greenwave in the video below.

Blind Spot Warning Device

In order to prevent the high risk of accidents with right-turning cars, Denmark is also investing in warning signs that draw the attention of drivers to cyclists. LEDs in asphalt or LED variable message signs warn motorists, for example, when bicycles cross the bike lane, as these are often difficult to see in the side mirror - the keyword is "blind spot". When a cyclist is detected, the signs light up with a speed reduction message or a warning message. If there are no more cyclists in the danger area, they switch off automatically.
You see: much can be done to protect cyclists in road traffic and SWARCO is always working on new developments in this sector.