Traffic Sign Carrier Construction

Turnkey solutions according to individual requirements from a single source

Static and dynamic signage fulfills important functions in urban and interurban areas, such as providing information, orientation or increasing the safety of all road users. No matter if highway overhead or variable message signs: Every overhead and ground signage also needs a reliable substructure in the form of supporting structures that meet the requirements. 

Construction measures in the area of supporting structures and signage require a great deal of experience and precise coordination of the necessary steps. From planning to implementation, a wide variety of experts are involved and exact calculations must be made as well as guidelines adhered to. A competent partner who accompanies you throughout the entire process, takes an holistic view of a project and offers all services from a single source is therefore indispensable. 

Benefits for our Customers


customized & holistic solutions from a single source


project management & execution

high quality & many years of experience


compliance with the guidelines

Our Competence

SWARCO is an expert in project management and the construction of supporting structures and offers holistic solutions from a single source. We have been successfully implementing individually tailored construction projects for many years. Our customers benefit from the highest quality and reliability. Tailored to the individual requirements of each project, we coordinate every step of the construction project from planning to installation.

Solution Components

Consulting & Planning

A construction project must be planned correctly from the very beginning. Therefore, SWARCO provides advice already during the preliminary planning phase. In compliance with the currently valid guidelines and laws, we support all projects with, among other services, graphics and construction drawings in 3D. You can rely on our decades of experience in planning and design.

Project Management

The installation of supporting structures requires an holistic approach. We therefore take over the complete project management for your construction project and assign you a permanent contact person. Tailored to your wishes and requirements, we coordinate and manage every step of the construction project.

Surveying Technology

State-of-the-art surveying technology including GPS support is the prerequisite for a dimensionally accurate execution and combining of foundation and supporting structure. Our construction managers find the right solution for every individual requirement.

Design of Road Signs

The complete design of the road signs is carried out digitally in house. In the process, the individual wishes of the customer and the specifications of the respective valid guidelines such as RWB / RWBA flow together to achieve the best possible result.

Statics & Structural Design

Our structural engineers and CAD designers ensure correct dimensioning and make sure that the constructions withstand the stresses.

The calculations include all necessary verifications and take into account the local conditions according to the valid guidelines. 


Our construction drawings in 2D and 3D digitally bring together signage, supporting structure and foundation. At the same time, we implement the specifications of the ZTV-ING standard and DIN EN 1090 as well as the static requirements.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering objects are hardly visible and yet carry the greatest load of the construction. High precision is required during their installation. Thanks to our many years of experience, we install construction objects of the highest quality that you can rely on.

We also implement special depth foundations with drilled piles, sheet pile foundations or building pit shoring of various types.

Production of Carriers

SWARCO is the leading manufacturer of aluminum gantries, which are unrivaled for their elegance and long durability. We install products from our own company. Of course, you can also get all versions of gantries, cantilevers and construction devices made of steel.

In particular, we offer traffic sign carriers according to guideline drawings VZB 11 and VZB 14 in exclusive quality without bolted joints, even for very large spans.

Logistics & Assembly

In order to keep the blocking and deployment times on highways as short as possible, we already combine gantry and signage in our pre-assembly hall. In the case of dynamic traffic signs, the complete cabling as well as the commissioning test also take place already here.

With the most modern specialized vehicles, we ensure that the components for your project arrive at the correct place at the right time. Of course, we also ensure that the construction site is properly cordoned off, because the safety of all road users and our employees is our top priority. At the same time, we keep the blocking times as short as possible.

On site, our technicians take over and ensure that everything runs smoothly. The installation of the supporting structures including the signage requires a lot of experience and technical skills. SWARCO ensures the best installation and assembly quality with the least possible impact on road traffic. 


Proper maintenance and comprehensive service are the prerequisites for product longevity and trouble-free operation. Our network of specialized service technicians is the guarantee for service quality at the highest level.

Since most parts of our solution are manufactured in-house at SWARCO, spare parts supply is ensured even after years.

Hardware & Software

SWARCO is a system integrator and a global leader in various areas of traffic technology. This also applies to a wide range of hardware and software, which we also produce in-house.

Therefore, we can also realize wishes that seem utopian to others. Do you have a special problem or a visionary idea? Ask us first - we will be happy to advise you, create individual solutions and help you implement them. 


Additional Services

Consulting, Planning, Installation, Service and Maintenance.

We offer a wide range of services to help you with your projects. Rely on us for an entire project or just a part of it and we are happy to take over service and maintenance.


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