Elegant and durable

STEEL GANTRIES Elegant and durable

Our steel constructions fulfil the guidelines of the diverse areas of application. They serve as carrier systems for traffic signs, traffic guidance systems as well as traffic data collection systems and meet the high demands placed on the product in terms of quality.

Based on the guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Transport and the individual federal states, we plan and manufacture the respective constructions and support systems.


  • Available in almost any span width
  • With or without walkway
  • Strong load-bearing capacity, flexibility and resistance of the material and the connections
  • Low life cycle costs, as cost-effective in planning, execution, use phase and deconstruction
  • Complex surface coating in accordance with ZTV-KOR


  • Elegant design and slim construction yet high strength
  • Hollow boxed construction, rounded on the long side
  • Individual design and colouring
  • Elaborate coating in accordance with ZTV-KOR
  • Free selection of colour design
  • Dimensioning of material thickness according to static requirements


  • Thermal galvanisation in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461
  • Corrosion coating in accordance with ZTV - ING T 4
  • Pre-treatment with sweep blasting in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12944 T4


  • According to individual requirements and wishes
  • Adaptation to local conditions
  • Strict compliance with the guidelines of ZTV-ING and DIN EN 1090
  • Calculation of whole structures, consisting of foundations and steel constructions
  • Preparation of construction documents with subsequent review of statics and planning documents


  • Pre-assembly and testing of all components incl. cabling in the production hall
  • Smooth mounting on the construction site with short blocking times, thus minimising traffic disruption
  • Installation by specially trained personnel


The entire work processes take place in compliance with strict quality regulations and are constantly monitored by our quality management

Images & Videos

Watch a video of our installation work for the speed camera bridge at Elzer Berg (A3 motorway, Germany) below. Click on the link to access the ARD film (in German) in the ARD media library: ARD media library

Assembly and installation of the speed camera bridge at Elzer Berg (A3 motorway, Germany)

Traffic sign carriers, sign gantries and cantilever constructions across Germany