Race Tracks Markings

Traffic Safety all along the Line

Our Race Circuit Solutions represent the absolute finest in highly durable, fade resistant coatings designed specifically for race tracks. These products offer outstanding adhesion, moisture resistance and durability while providing bright, vivid lines required in numerous racing circuits. Ideal for continuous lines, starting grids, checkered patterns and stencils.

Did you know that the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) has approved our special LIMBOROUTE Circuitline WBP waterborne paint to mark racetracks? This waterborne paint may be used for white lines, curbs (white and colour), starting grids, etc.

Excellent adhesion to concrete and asphalt surfaces

Available in bright, fade-resistant colors

Environmentally friendly waterborne paint for application on curbs and as delineation along road racing circuits

Remains flexible over time

Fast drying under a wide range of climatic conditions