Guiding the way across the UK

UK HIGHWAY & MOTORWAY VMS Guiding the way across the UK

SWARCO has established a reputation of delivering first-class UK motorway VMS installations using our patented lens technology to deliver unmatched optical quality. SWARCO supplies National Highways (formerly Highways England) approved MS4, AMI, and MS3 signs. Using full-colour LED displays, our motorway signage is relied upon for guiding road users safely on highways. 

Our reliable VMS are designed to improve overall traffic flow and reduce energy consumption as a part of SWARCO’s commitment to creating environmentally sound products. SWARCO’s Motorway VMS are designed to have a non-aging effect on the LED’s as a result of a very low LED current directed at the road for both low power consumption and maintenance. 

Engineer on motorway SWARCO energy efficient VMS


Energy Efficient


Best Optical


Quality LEDs


  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY - Patented lens design for highest optical efficiency. Even suitable for solar power.
  • Unbeatable high contrast – especially during low sun angle
  • No ageing effect of the LEDs as a result of the very low operating current
  • Best value for OPE (Optical Performance Efficiency) * – the key figure for evaluating optical efficiency, energy consumption, operating costs, lifetime, perceptibility and durability
  • TMC Compatible — Integrate the signs to your exististing traffic technology strategy
  • FuturCOM2 protocol communication to local roadside controller over future proof DSL connection. DSL can run over existing RS485 comms upgadding 115 kB to 10Mbps.
  • CE UKCA and UKNI certified
  • All LEDs are continuously monitored, even when they are off; LED status will be reported to the traffic center or to a local control
  • Quick and easy replacement of parts without use of tools
  • Optimised stability by proven construction
  • Adaptable to different ambient light conditions
  • Integrated sensors for temperature and light
  • Two year warrantly as standard

Technical Details