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The journeys we make every day are varied. Whether driving through towns and cities or on motorways, we all want mobility which takes us to our destination safely, quickly and conveniently. Flexible and dynamic traffic signalisation is often the best tool to achieve this.

Variable Message Signs (VMS), on the North American market usually referred to as DMS (Dynamic Message Signs) are crucial components of modern mobility management systems. LED variable message signs give information and warnings, provide directions, prevent accidents and control the flow of traffic. Not only are they good for road safety and the environment, they ultimately benefit us all in our daily mobility. They are very common on motorways but are also used in urban environments and in parking managament.

With introduction of the first LEDs in the transport sector, SWARCO developed its own high performance optical lens. Using a special lens design, the RGB colors are mixed, the light from the LED is bundled and projected without loss towards the driver on the road, exactly where it is needed. 
This innovative technology has been patented by us and is used in any type of SWARCO’s variable message signs.


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