SWARCO AG, Wattens

Corporate growth of our group of companies, selective acquisitions in the last years, a continuing change of job- and competition surroundings and stronger global orientation require new abilities and skills, new knowledge and know-how, and a changed “focus” on the part of our employees.

To meet all these requirements we lay an important cornerstone with our SWARCO Academy because it secures the consistent advancement of our employees and promotes continuous learning within the company. Beside the strengthening of competences and continuing education of our existing management and our employees, the identification of potentials and talents for management positions and to guarantee efficient succession plans are the essential targets of the Academy. In addition trainings for special topics (e.g. project management, sales trainings etc.) can be offered within the Academy.

The programs of the SWARCO Academy are oriented towards different target groups and the training content is adjusted to these target groups. In several modules the participants of all local companies, who are partly selected for the programs on the basis of a nomination procedure, pass through training courses containing e.g. leadership, business management, communication, intercultural awareness etc.

In the individual modules different learning approaches like team working, effective presentations, role plays etc. are applied. Ideally the participants are working on actual projects running in the SWARCO Group to put fully into practice what they have learned. In addition network building between the participants should be developed. Very important for us is the integration of the direct superiors and managers who should define educational goals and consequently also review these targets together with their employees.

We have decided deliberately for this investment in our employees as we are convinced that our people are our most valuable asset.