How to join SWARCO

It requires a certain amount of preparation in order to join the SWARCO Group - and it’s totally worth it. Inform yourself about our hiring process here and be well informed which candidates we are looking for. We appreciate each application. Our recruiting principles are respect, appreciative and honest communication, quick feedback and to guarantee every candidate the best possible "applicant journey".


Application Process

Written Application

Compose & Submit your Documents


Get ready for the first Meeting

Step 1: Written Application

Please upload all relevant documents in our recruiting portal and fill out the complete application form. If an e-mail address is stated in the job ad, please send your application documents to this address. Normally it is not necessary to bring your documents personally to our offices. Your documents can be processed faster, if we have them digitally in our online portal or via mail. Our aim is to reply to you within one week.

You can find further information concerning our data protection guidelines or the consent form for our Talent Pool here.

Step 2: Interviews

If everything goes well, you will be invited for multiple interviews, meeting HR colleagues, team leads and, of course, the team members. Even if you live somewhere else, we will invite you to visit the future workplace to get a better feeling for your future colleagues, the office and the work place environment at a later stage of the application process.

During the first interview, we would like to find out about your skills, personal interests as well as your passion for SWARCO. We want to hear about your personal motivation rather than listen to standard interview answers that you’ve learned in application training courses. We guarantee that we won’t ask you to recite your three biggest strengths and weaknesses. Win us over by convincing us of your proactivity, team fit and your passion for delivering excellent work.

Keep in Mind!

Throughout the entire assessment process, we strive to assess basic knowledge, skills and learning or development potential. We do not expect you to know everything. If you are not making progress or have no experience in the field, we encourage you to ask clarifying questions that show your integrity, cooperation and ability to be resourceful.

Be Yourself

We value authenticity and (unique) perspectives

Convince Us

We are curious about what knowledge you already have. On top we are interested in how you think. Explain to us the reasons for your decisions, e.g. for a certain course of study or your motivation for a job change. If you are asked to solve a problem, explain your assumptions, explain your approach and explain your decisions.

Get to the Point

Tip: use the STAR(R) method / technique:

Situation  What was the situation?

Task  What was your task?

Action What exactly did you do?

Result What was your result?

Reflection What have you learned from the situation? 

Follow-up & Next Steps

It doesn’t matter where you live. Before joining SWARCO, we would like to meet you in person. Before the final offer, we will invite you on site (in case you have not been there already) in order to meet with your future team lead and team members. So you can get a better feeling of our office and the colleagues working there, especially if you would be re-locating for the new SWARCO job opportunity.

If you have completed the final round,  our goal is to inform you as quickly as possible whether you will be hired. You will then receive your contract.

The candiate journey of our applicants 

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