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Who we are ...

We'll just get straight to the point, without beating around the bush. We are SWARCO. We are a really cool company. We have a sensational team. We offer great jobs. We work on awesome products and solutions. Work-life balance is important to us. And best of all, we make the world a better place each and every day. Why? Stay tuned ...

What we do ...

The purpose of SUPERHEROES is to make the world a better place. Our road safety solutions, such as traffic light control systems, complex traffic control software, parking guidance systems, the software that makes it possible, and adaptive traffic control, have the power to increase traffic safety, speed, comfort and environmental protection. Whether on two legs, two, four or more wheels, or self-driving or autonomous vehicles in the future, we enable the smooth and safe progress of traffic around the globe.

Look over the shoulders of our colleagues ...

Why we are already superheroes...

We get people from A to B safely, quickly and comfortably, improving their quality of life all over the world. That makes us everyday heroes, doesn't it? We sure think so! Would you like to join us? Great!! That's the spirit we're looking for.

The superheroes we are currently recruiting...

While some people were born superheros, we’re on the lookout for the type who gained their powers through study and experience. To be a superhero at SWARCO, of course, you should have some skills. Currently, we are primarily looking for C++ and JAVA specialists in Germany.

As such, candidates will ideally have a degree in computer science, engineering, electrical engineering or a comparable education and additionally two to three years of professional experience in software development or C++ programming. Good knowledge of Linux and Windows operating systems and experience with tools such as Git, Jira/Confluence, Docker/VMware and Kubernetes are also desirable.

As a C++ programmer, it would be cool if you are also proficient in multiple programming languages and have experience with legacy systems. IP networking and communication protocol skills are a bonus. As a Java Hero, it is of course great if you are familiar with CI (Continuous Integration) and agile working (Scrum, Kanban) and maybe even have "Applying Professional Scrum for Software Development” certification.

To apply,

you need not be able to do everything, and certainly not everything perfectly. At our company, training and personal development are key parts of our corporate philosophy. You should be able to communicate in German and English and work independently and in a structured manner.

If your profile matches our requirements, you might just be the superhero we are looking for! The rest you can learn on the job.

So don't be afraid to apply.

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Jobs being currently advertised...

The following are open positions at SWARCO for programming professionals like yourself. Is your DREAM JOB being advertised? We hope so and are already looking forward to meeting you.


Our customers benefit from your skills. And you benefit from a pleasant working environment.

Benefits. Interested?

As an international group that knows the value of its employees and takes good care of them, SWARCO has a number of worthwhile benefits that you’ll be entitled to. For example, the company offers excellent job security. Many employees have been part of the Group for many years. The opportunity to constantly develop your profile also means the chance to master a varied range of tasks and to continually set yourself new challenges, even though you’ll remain with the same employer for years.

At the beginning of their time with SWARCO, many of our colleagues had no idea where their professional journey would lead them. They have grown along with SWARCO, having seized to the opportunity to expand the scope of their responsibilities in their respective area.

Depending on the nature of the job, individual training measures take place on an ongoing basis, usually with a great deal of dedication. SWARCO even offers a very exciting job rotation program! Learn more about it here! 

30 vacation days per year, the opportunity to lease an e-bike, and the SWARCOFIT health program are proof that the company looks after its employees. Sounds good, doesn't it? Trust us, it is. Above is a listing of our current job postings. Pick your dream job and apply now. After all, there's no better time than the present.

When it comes to software and firmware, this is what we offer:

  • Traffic management of entire cities with SWARCO MyCity software
  • Traffic management with adaptive programs
  • Traffic control automation in cities
  • Firmware for hardware such as traffic lights, variable message signs and traffic controllers
  • Software and firmware for traffic control in tunnels and on the highway
  • Communication interfaces for all road users so that the infrastructure can, for example, communicate with the car and the road users are networked
  • Transportation infrastructure that enables self-driving cars
  • AI software that controls intersections and traffic lights and speeds up traffic
  • Software that accelerates, controls and "monitors" parking
  • Software solutions for electromobility and charging management
  • All of this is, of course, cloud-based, state of the art and agile

Why do we do it?

So that people all over the world can reach their destinations faster, more efficiently, more safely and in a more environmentally friendly manner.

How do we do it?

In order to achieve all this, we have a diverse and talented team - and are constantly looking for new people who want to make the world a better place. If one of the following profiles appeals to you, then you’ve come to the right place. But even if you're not a software professional, SWARCO is a great place to work.

If one of these areas appeals to you, take the first step in joining us at SWARCO:

  • Focus on adaptations of software solutions for client projects
  • Analysis, design and implementation of customer requirements
  • Planning, implementation and documentation of integration and system tests
  • Perform code reviews
  • Work on projects with other team members, resolving complex technical challenges jointly
  • Our development environment: VS Code, Git, Win and Linux OS, Cmake, Bamboo, Jira, Confluence
  • You implement sophisticated business logic modules in Java and write module- and integration tests independently
  • You integrate new protocols and standards into our SCADA system and implement the required interfaces
  • You have good knowledge and practical experience in the areas of: JAVA (8,11), OSGI, MAVEN, MariaDB / MySQL
  • CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Nexus are not foreign concepts to you. Eclipse IDE is not a stellar constellation for you
  • You know your way around Docker, have heard of K8S (HELM) and move around Windows and Linux with confidence
  • Dealing with distributed systems (microservices) which communicate via RabbitMQ (AMQP) or Kafka (MQTT) is familiar to you
  • Implement, document and test software solutions using Node.JS (TypeScript), .NET (C#)
  • Design new services and enhance existing ones using Message-Broker-Communication (MQTT)
  • Perform Design-, Code- and Peer-Reviews of your colleagues
  • Several years of working experience in developing Software using TypeScript, C#
  • Frontend Software Developer
  • Implement, document and test software solutions using Angular 6+ and TypeScript
  • Design new Angular- Modules and -Libraries and enhance existing ones
  • Perform Design-, Code- and Peer-Reviews of your colleagues
  • Take the lead role for the frontend architecture design of our Cloud Platform
  • Implement, document and test software solutions using Angular / TypeScript
  • Design new Angular- Modules and -Libraries and enhance existing ones
  • Perform Design-, Code- and Peer-Reviews of your colleagues
  • Several years of working experience in developing Software, preferably in Angular / TypeScript with distributed teams
  • Experience with large scale applications, modularization and re-use
  • As a technical expert of IT technologies and software solutions, you will be responsible for troubleshooting complex technical problems in the operation of our cloud solutions
  • You will meet customer expectations regarding agreed Service Level Agreements (SLA) and will act as a consultant to the customer
  • Manage together with your team projects with complex technical challenges in the system implementation of software solutions
  • Carry out software optimizations, analyses on software platforms and database systems and provide state-of-the-art solutions in case of technical problems (analogous to ITIL best practice)
  • Very good knowledge of the operating systems Windows, Linux as well as web servers, databases, network and communication protocols
  • Experience in Cloud- or Managed Services and know-how in ITIL is a plus
  • Knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes and databases is of advantage
  • Implement, document and test software solutions using Angular 6+, Node.JS (TypeScript), .NET (C#) or Java
  • Apply AI and machine learning methodologies in the space of traffic management, helping to build better, smarter cities
  • Frontend Architect
  • Design new Angular- Modules and -Libraries and enhance existing ones
  • Perform Design-, Code- and Peer-Reviews of your colleagues
  • Several years of working experience in developing Software, preferably in Angular / TypeScript with distributed teams
  • Experience with large scale applications, modularization and re-use
  • Take responsibility in a challenging environment and act as a link between Operations, Development and Testing
  • Build application virtualization environments (based on Docker and Kubernetes) from scratch
  • Maintain the CI/CD build pipeline (Jenkins, Maven, Nexus, SVN, Gitlab, Ansible) and optimize it continuously
  • Help with testing and integration of our products
  • Have solid experience in the Docker and Kubernetes microservice platforms
  • Have good knowledge of our buildtools (i.e. Jenkins, Maven) as well as SVN, Gitlab and Bitbucket
  • Have familiarity with Windows, Linux, virtualized systems (vmware ESX) and TCP/IP networks
  • Take responsibility for the quality and stability of our signal heads and variable message signs
  • Have experience in testing software applications (basics of object-oriented programming/C#)
  • Have knowledge of test methodology and test tools, both for HW and SW testing
  • Have knowledge in the field of communication technologies (serial, TCP/IP, GSM,..)

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