New Test Track for Automated Driving

SWARCO Road Marking Systems and Digitrans, operator of the new proving ground in St. Valentin, Austria, and initiator of the test region for automated goods transport, are now cooperation partners.

The future of individual mobility belongs to autonomous driving. Nowadays, semi-autonomous driver assistance systems are already standard equipment in modern vehicles. And this trend is here to stay. Especially in the area of infrastructure, this creates a need for extensive field studies. For this purpose, Digitrans has been expanding the existing test site in St. Valentin, Lower Austria, making it a test center for automated driving functions. SWARCO Road Marking Systems is on board as a cooperation partner. With this cooperation, its experts for innovative marking systems are hoping to make important findings for the next stages of automated driving.

Representatives of SWARCO Road Marking Systems and Digitrans signed the cooperation agreement together. From the left: Peter Tomazic (Vice President Region Europe Production/R&D), Bernhard Helmreich (Team Leader Laboratory R&D), Eva Tatschl-Unterberger (CEO, Digitrans GmbH), Michaela Reitner (Marketing Manager) and Friedrich Wiesinger (Team Leader Product Development)

Photo: SWARCO Road Marking Systems

29 October 2021 –"The technology required for autonomous driving is already in use in driver assistance systems today. However, until private transport can be fully automated and free of human intervention, a lot of research is needed,” explains Friedrich Wiesinger, Team Leader Product Development at SWARCO Road Marking Systems. Here, road marking systems play a significant role. They guide autonomous vehicles on the road and are therefore often described as the “rails in automated driving”. SWARCO Road Marking Systems is one of the front runners worldwide in research and development in this area. Its cooperation with the experts from Digitrans in the testing of automated driving functions is the logical next step.

Pooling International Know-How on a Test Track

The test track in St. Valentin, which was set up as early as the 1930s, is located on the grounds of the Magna Powertrain Engineering Centers Steyr. In the summer of 2021, Digitrans held the groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of the test site into a state-of-the-art test center for automated driving and automated goods transport. As of summer 2022, the completed proving ground will offer numerous additional elements for the testing of automated driving functions in real-world conditions in a reproducible fashion.

In St. Valentin, a state-of-the-art test center for automated driving and automated goods transport is in the works.

Photo: SWARCO Road Marking Systems

A Prominently Staffed Consortium

As an exclusive partner for innovative marking systems, SWARCO Road Marking Systems plays an important role in the prominently staffed partner consortium. “Our goal is to further optimize how sensors, and road and marking detection interact and work together. This is the basis for developing our products further and establishing new standards, especially for the harmonization of road markings in Europe,” Friedrich Wiesinger explains. The newly adapted Digitrans proving ground allows for the simulation of a wide variety of driving scenarios and weather conditions thanks to the outdoor sprinkler system, among others. As a result, all conceivable conditions which may have a bearing on the detection and readability of marking systems can be tested with varying levels of rain intensity, too. “For autonomous driving systems to operate efficiently in the real world, they have to function in all weather conditions and always work safely and reliably,” says expert Eva Tatschl-Unterberger, CEO of Digitrans GmbH. “Thanks to the cooperation between Digitrans and SWARCO Road Marking Systems, we will be able to make significant progress on further enhancing the safety of automated driving functions,” she continues.

High-Performance Marking Systems in Realistic Simulation

On the Digitrans proving ground in St. Valentin, SWARCO Road Marking Systems has been testing various marking systems. “Here, the focus is on permanent plain, structured and area markings. But thanks to the perfect simulation conditions, automated driving systems are also being tested together with temporary marking systems, such as construction site markings,” Friedrich Wiesinger says. In the area of structured markings, SWARCO Road Marking Systems relies on SWARCO DURALUX 100 premium glass beads in combination with cold plastics. As for plain markings, SWARCO Road Marking Systems has been focusing on testing high-grade SWARCOFLEX standard glass beads together with cold spray plastics. The tests are conducted in cooperation with Digitrans’ partners from the automotive industry, but also with tertiary institutions and companies in the field of research and development

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