Road Repair & Reinstatement

Effective Solutions for Highways

“There is no 'one size fits all' approach to solving road repair and reinstatement problems on our roads and urban networks. Offering a large range of solutions allows us to help meet our stakeholders needs with the greatest efficiency possible. SWARCO Road Marking Systems provides a complete portfolio designed to maximise the longevity of highway assets for the benefit of all.” 

Alastair Powell, Operations Manager, SWARCO Road Marking Systems

Drive with Confidence

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Road repair and reinstatement products play a pivotal role in helping to extend the operational life of road surfaces. SWARCO Road Marking Systems offers a comprehensive portfolio designed to deliver higher levels of safety and more efficiency within road networks. Our solutions can be used over a wide range of road defects, including small cracks, open joints, potholes and reinstatement areas.

Our Road Repair and Reinstatement range offers a pro-active approach to preventing further road and reinstatement deterioration. Adopting early intervention products is proven to minimise further surface deterioration, with the key message being that “prevention is better than cure”. (Source: GOV.UK)

A Closer Look at Road Repair Solutions 


Preformed thermoplastic solutions offer a simple torch-on application method, making them suitable for year-round use. They are effective for sealing small surface defects that often occur after utility work, in turn preventing water ingress. Our preformed solutions are engineered to deliver lasting results for open seams, joints and cracks up to 5mm wide.  


  • Simple torch on application
  • Long term skid resistance
  • Can be laid all year long
  • Trafficked after 5-10 minutes

Hot Applied

When tackling substantial road defects such as potholes, joints and cracks, our hot applied thermoplastic solution emerges as the optimal choice. Its rapid installation, achieved through filling or screeding, coupled with swift curing times, guarantees effective results, causing minimum disruption whilst permanently helping prevent further deterioration of the road surface.


  • Fast installation & rapid curing times
  • Tough and durable
  • Strong thermal bond to substrates
  • Ideal for highly trafficked roads

Cold Applied

Our cold applied two-component solution offers seamless application via a spreader, boasting accelerated curing times. This solution excels in filling lane grooves, addressing potholes, and rectifying damage on bituminous and concrete pavements. We also offer patch repair product ideal for rejuvenating damaged areas measuring up to 2m2 on ramps, paths, and walkways. 


  • Catalyst controlled, rapid curing 
  • Tough, Durable, long service life
  • A complete all in one solution
  • No specialist equipment required

Advantages at a Glance


Our road repair products are engineered to last, helping to minimise repeat visits to problematic areas and prevent further surface deterioration.

Quick Installation

Preformed, hot and cold applied solutions can be installed rapidly and driven over after a short period of time, minimising road closures and saving both installer and road user precious time.

Economical Efficiency

Car damage caused by potholes can result in expensive repairs for the drivers and potential compensations paid by the road authorities. Providing long term solutions for road repair and reinstatement will help to minimise such damage.


It is well known that potholes are one of the main causes of accidents.  They can make you lose control of your vehicle or even surprise the car behind you. Well maintained roads can help the drivers to stay in control of their machines.

Did You Know?

Road repair works reduce CO2 emission up to 2% due to the improved pavement surface condition, with the thin overlay repairs showing the highest reduction and crack seal repairs the lowest.

Source: International Journal of Sustainable Transportation 

27% of British motorists have had their car damaged by potholes.

Source: Škoda UK 

18% of roads in England rated to be in poor condition (less than 5 years' life remaining).

Source: ALARM 

One pothole is repaired every 22 seconds in England and Wales. 

Source: ALARM