Smart Priority

Make public transport more attractive

Smart Priority is a cloud-based and scalable solution to customized priority requests in traffic lights when either a central system or communication devices are installed on the bus and send position data from the bus. Smart Priority uses existing systems and infrastructures and provides a highly cost-effective tool for the optimization of travel times, thus reducing CO2 emissions and creating a better passenger experience.

Traffic lights receive priority requests from the bus position and rights which are then transmitted directly from the real time system that uses virtual detectors and which can be placed and configured according to the current traffic conditions.

Priority requests are transmitted from Smart Priority to the control device - and included in the existing algorithms and by means of the user-friendly web-interface, it can monitor, interact with, and review results and statistics.

Core benefits

Cost effective and easy to implement

Smart Priority uses existing hardware and infrastructure which signifies that the costs for virtual bus priority are lower as well as easier to service and implement.

Increased mobility leads to better travel times

An attractive public transport requires that busses run smoothly through traffic so that timetables are respected, and travel time is shortened. This results in more people choosing public transport which further helps reduce traffic congestion.

Supports green cities

A better use of public transportation is an effective tool towards reducing CO2 emissions and minimizing congestion.

Priority for emergency vehicles

The time factor is often crucial when emergency vehicles are on the go; whether the emergency vehicles are an ambulance call for casualties, fire rescue vehicles, or a police escort. It is therefore of great importance that these vehicles arrive on time. In many cases, a reduction of the response time just by a few minutes might save lives.

With Smart Priority you can allocate a green wave to emergency vehicles and thus minimize the access time for emergencies, increase safety, and give the emergency response staff a better opportunity to treat the patient on the road.

Faster respons

When using emergency priority, traffic passes quicker through the city hubs, as all traffic in front of the emergency vehicle is handled and controlled smoothly thus creating free passage through the intersection. A shorter response time simply saves lives.

Higher safety

There will also be a high risk of collision when you drive into an intersection with an active red light. Priority signals optimize safety for both the emergency vehicle and the other road users.

A better working environment

The police, the fire brigade, and emergency teams will experience a better flow and a less stressful emergency transport. In particular relating to the ambulance services, the constant breaking and acceleration is a great discomfort to both patients and rescue teams.

Bike priority

Cycling is a quick, efficient, and environmentally friendly way to get around. Equipping traffic signals with bicycle detectors enables cities to give green light priority to cyclists, resulting in fewer stops, improved mobility, and safety.

SWARCO Smart Priority App sends a GreenTime request with positioning data to the Smart Priority System. Virtual detector zones are then configured so that when the bike approaches the detector zone Smart Priority sends a GreenTime request to the Traffic Controller without the cyclist having to push the request button at the intersection, creating a seamless traffic flow.

Smart Priority Web-Interface and Statistics

Smart Priority comes with a web based graphical interface. This gives access to a detector editing tool where you easily can configure your detector zones, live updates and reporting of events. The interface also comes with a Map view that shows the position of all vehicles and intersections, priority status in real-time that updates every second with a position accuracy of approximately 5 meters.

Smart Priority also gives you access to travel time statistics, minimum, maximum and average travel times on specific routes and much more in Smart Priority – Web Statistics.

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