Terminal Management System

Dirigo Terminal Management System

There’s no longer a need to expand terminals, DIRIGO optimizes it for you. The system streamlines bus flow by routing the buses to the nearest available station at the terminal, thus utilizing the existing structure. DIRIGO automatically sends out current passenger and driver information via audio announcements and digital screens. The monitoring module always keeps you updated with the status of presentation devices and software systems.

Applicable for single
terminal to full regions

terminal utilization

Guide driver and
passager to correct gate

Accessibility Friendly

  • Update information to travelers
  • Guide driver and passager to correct gate
  • Dedicated driver information at gate
  • Control of traffic situation
  • Increases terminal utilization
  • Flexible gate access
  • Search for available gates
  • Applicable for single terminal to full regions

  • Distribute Departure/Arrival informations

  • Supervision of signs and monitors

  • Dynamic Platform Allocation

  • Terminal Access Control

  • Flexible display design

  • Audio announcements

  • Boarding signal

  • Tactile maps with audio announcements

  • Braille and text descriptions

  • Interactive terminal

Technical Details


Remote control of information devices
Grouping of devices
Control of status and what is shown
Configuration settings


RealTime GUI for terminal management
Drag & Drop of gate approaches
Clear overview of the terminal
Editable color codes

Tools for gate optimization – increased utilization

Deviations are presented automatically


Management of timetable data
Free text message management
Disruption information
Pre-defined & event-based messages