Dynamic & Static Signage

Watch the signage change as the traffic conditions change

Active signage is a key element of dynamic traffic management systems. SWARCO offers the complete range of active signage that will increase roadway efficiency and help drivers travel safer and smarter. Depending on the traffic situation, the variable signage will inform, warn, and guide the motorists on both urban roads and highways.


  • Prism Signs Large

    SWARCO's large prism signs represent the latest generation of prism technology.

  • Prism Signs Small

    SWARCO's small prism signs are the latest generation of prism technology.

  • LED Variable Message Signs

    LED Variable Message Signs with limited, freely programmable or combined display.

  • Driver Feedback Signs

    Driver Feedback Signs (radar speed signs) are suitable means to slow down traffic by increasing drivers’ speed awareness.

  • Dynamic Route Information Panels (DRIPS)

    Variable message signs with monochrome and freely programmable LED matrix.

  • LED Mobile Signalisation

    Mobile Signalisation helps to increase traffic safety at road incidents, such as traffic jams, accidents or road works.

  • M-SPOT

    Mobile car-top displays are suitable for mounting on police cars, emergency and service vehicles.

  • LIFE

    A unique concept in variable message sign design for tunnels, low ceiling car parks and similar applications.

  • LANELIGHT LED Road Marker

    SWARCO’s LANELIGHT LED Road Marker: an important means in traffic guidance and safety.