SWARCO TRAFFIC CZ s.r.o., as a subsidiary of SWARCO TRAFFIC AUSTRIA GmbH, is a mamaber of the SWARCO Group. Company covers all the Czech Republic related sales, project and service activities within traffic management business, in e.g. Urban, Interurban, Parking, Public transport, e-Mobility, Communicative systems e.g. C2C, C2X etc. market segments.

Besides the capital city of Prague, SWARCO TRAFFIC CZ is active in more than 20 other cities throughout the Czech Republic.

Contact Details


Dobronická 1256

148 00 Praha 4

Česká republika

T. +420 241 441 024

E. office.stcz@swarco.com

Dolní 876

370 04 České Budějovice

Česká republika

T. +420 387 310 696

E. office.stcz@swarco.com

Vedení provozovny

Radek Terber

tel.: +420 723 806 182

e-mail: radek.terber@swarco.com

Obchodní referent

Lucie Terberová

tel.: +420 732 848 509

e-mail: lucie.terberova@swarco.com

Important contacts

Company manager

Ing. Bruno Wertlen MSc.,PhD.
tel.: 241 44 1024
e-mail: bruno.wertlen@swarco.com

Sales Department

Pavel Koudelka
tel. +420 241 44 4829
e-mail: pavel.koudelka@swarco.com

Technical Department

Václav Vošahlík
tel. +420 234 74 9553
e-mail: vaclav.vosahlik@swarco.com

Project Manager

Ing. Michal Tulpa
tel.: +420 241 44 4804
e-mail: michal.tulpa@swarco.com

Place of Registration: Prague

Company Registration No.: 25680595

VAT Identification No.: CZ25680595

Court of Jurisdiction: Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, rider 60652

Alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes

Czech Trade Inspection Authority

Inspectorate for the Central Bohemian Region and the Capital City of Prague

Štěpánská 567/15

120 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 296 366 111

Company Policy

Continuous improvement of the customer experience

Consistent delivery of high quality products and services for traffic management and traffic data processing

Continuous expansion of the provided technologies and systems

Growth and development opportunities and employee engagement

High personal responsibility of employees for the quality of their work

Care of the environment and minimizing the negative impact of the company on the environment

Regulatory compliance


Quality and Environmental Management

LL-C (Certification) Czech Republic a.s.

  • Quality Management System
  • Environmental Management System

Issued on: 28 March 2021
Validity date: 27 March 2024