TMaaS in Trondelag, Norway

SWARCO Norway has signed a 5-year agreement with the County of Trondelag regarding TMaaS - Traffic Management as a Service. The agreement was signed in conjunction with a decision from the Norwegian Authorities that all Norwegian counties will be responsible, as of the beginning of 2020, for operation and maintenance of traffic lights on county roads. The contract is worth about 27.3 MNOK

The agreement concerns operational monitoring of signal regulation in Trondelag, which includes technical monitoring of central systems and of controllers, prioritizing public transport, data sharing, programming, correcting errors and to supply competence for changes in traffic control.

ˮDue to the reorganization of SAMS road administration, it became more favourable to take advantage of SWARCOs’ long and good experience with traffic solutions and optimization of traffic flow, instead of the county creating a whole new operation.ˮ

Ørjan Tveit

Chief of Engineering – Norwegian Public Roads Administration


Traffic Management as a Service (TMaaS) is a service where SWARCO takes a comprehensive approach to traffic management, from project design and installation to operation, traffic-technical maintenance and suggestions for improvements.

Each city has different needs to handle their traffic situation, and therefore needs various tools and services. With TMaaS, the customer has access to a large variety of services, functions and software modules to select the ones that fits best. The system is always updated and regularly maintained.

With TMaaS, the user gets a good overview and detailed knowledge of how the traffic system operates and can easily add new equipment and new solutions to the system. TMaaS also includes equipment and system maintenance, and SWARCO conducts site inspections and recommends investment plans based on individual site observations, reprogramming at single intersections or manage more complex projects. The monitoring system immediately detects any errors and the SWARCO service teams can fix these without the customer having to act.