SWARCO acquires Dynniq Mobility

In a transaction closed on 30 September 2021, SWARCO AG has acquired 100% of the shares in Dynniq Mobility.  

The company, headquartered in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, has a total of 39 locations in the Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, Finland, Belgium, Poland, Croatia, Denmark, Sweden and Lithuania, with a strong market position in the fields of urban and interurban traffic management and public lighting, as well as considerable expertise in managing large infrastructure projects. The acquisition of Dynniq Mobility adds roughly 1,100 colleagues to the SWARCO Group and revenues exceeding 200 million EUR.  

“For us, the integration of Dynniq Mobility represents a big step in significantly strengthening our position in the ITS industry“, comments Michael Schuch, the speaker of the SWARCO Executive Board. “We are confident that this winning combination will help us accelerate our R&D roadmap to address the rapidly changing landscape and drive innovation in our industry. Moreover, the companies have a complementary footprint in terms of product portfolio, service offering and market penetration, and are very similar in their corporate cultures and organizational setup.”  

“By being part of the traffic technology group SWARCO, we are excited to further strengthen our offering and market position", says Dynniq Mobility CEO Jan Vos. “Our long-lasting domain expertise combined with our innovative products and unique installed base in various countries will build and expand on the strong international footprint of SWARCO. I am proud of all that we have accomplished as Dynniq Mobility so far and I am looking forward to the journey ahead.”  

“In addition to existing SWARCO service and project organizations, the acquisition of Dynniq Mobility will boost SWARCO’s operational presence and installed base in currently underserved geographical areas”, says Jeremy Cowling, Vice President UK and North Europe of SWARCO’s ITS Division, referring in particular to the Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, Finland and Belgium, all of them at the forefront of C-ITS innovations. A large proportion of Dynniq Mobility’s turnover is recurring revenues from longer-term service contracts in urban and interurban traffic management. Together, SWARCO and Dynniq Mobility will continue to focus on delivering exemplary integrated solutions and services for their customers. 

The biggest beneficiaries of the acquisition are road users all around the globe. Safe, sustainable and efficient travel increasingly depend on innovative solutions and skilled professionals. With the combined expertise, SWARCO and Dynniq Mobility will be able to accelerate the development, adoption and usage of these ITS solutions. This reduces the number of fatalities and CO2 emissions and improves travel experiences.  

The Dynniq Group’s fields of parking management solutions (WPS) and Energy were not part of the transaction. Dynniq Mobility was owned by the private equity fund Egeria that took over Imtech Traffic & Infra in 2015 with subsequent rebranding to Dynniq. Egeria’s Mark Wetzels comments the transaction as follows: “In our evaluation we identified SWARCO as a family-owned business with a 5-decade track record in the traffic industry. Financially solid, the Austrian group can be considered a great new home for Dynniq Mobility, with strong potential for a joint sustainable growth. Egeria and the supervisory board are very proud of what the Dynniq Mobility team has accomplished so far. We wish them all the best under the leadership of SWARCO.” 

Representatives from Egeria, SWARCO and Dynniq Mobility sealing the transaction with a glass of Champagne on 30 September 2021 in The Hague 


SWARCO’s leading idea is to improve quality of life by making the travel experience safer, quicker, more convenient and environmentally sound. With more than five decades of experience in the industry, the Austrian traffic technology corporation produces and provides a large range of products, systems, services, and turnkey solutions for road marking, urban and interurban traffic management, parking, and public transport. Cooperative systems, infrastructure-to-vehicle communication, e-mobility, and integrated software solutions for the Livable City complement the group’s future-oriented portfolio. 4000 traffic experts are keen to shape together with all stakeholders in the traffic industry the transition from conventional traffic management to value-added services fit for the traveller in the digital age.
SWARCO’s products, systems and solutions contribute to greater road safety and intelligent traffic management in 80 countries and generate revenues of three quarters of a billion euros.



We are Dynniq Mobility. We are changing the way people travel; safely, sustainably and efficiently. Our 1,100 employees worldwide are engaged daily in the design, realisation, management and maintenance of our smart solutions. Our wide range of intelligent products and services contribute to achieving optimal traffic flow and a safer living environment. We ensure that road capacity is optimally utilised, resources are sustainably deployed and road users participate in traffic more efficiently and pleasantly. In doing so, we engage in a reliable, open and pro-active way with our customers, partners and distributors to shape the mobility of tomorrow.