Province of South Holland grants framework agreement for iVRIs to SWARCO Mobility Netherlands

The Province of South Holland has granted a framework agreement for the supply, installation and maintenance of traffic control devices (VRIs) to SWARCO Mobility Nederland (formerly Dynniq Mobility).

Over the next eight years, up to 100 traffic lights will be replaced with an intelligent traffic control installation (iVRI) and equipped with SWARCO's ITS application ImFlow. At the end of the contract, there will be a FlowNode with ImFlow at almost every traffic-light controlled intersection in the province.

Province of South Holland has already equipped dozens of intersections with iVRIs in the innovative partnership Talking Traffic and projects on the N209 and the N470 in recent years. This makes the province a national leader in the number of fully connected iVRIs. Through the framework agreement, almost all traffic lights will be converted to iVRIs in the coming years.

The province wants to realize this in cooperation with a long-term partner, so that the replacement work and the management and maintenance can be organized as efficiently as possible. In addition, the preference is for an area with as many of the same types of traffic control equipment and software as possible. Therefore, the province has tendered a framework agreement with a maximum lead time of eight years.

Jan Vos, CEO SWARCO Mobility Nederland B.V., with Rik de Jager, representative of the province of South Holland during the signing of the framework agreement for iVRIs

Insight into operation and effectiveness

We were granted the framework agreement based on our maximum score on the  component 'use cases' and the added value we offer on the 'insight into the operation of the use cases' component. An important condition for the province is the ability to (visually) monitor the priority handling of, for example, freight traffic and cyclists. In this way the province can test whether the policy goals are achieved or whether the settings of ImFlow need to be adjusted. The province can adjust this directly themselves.   

In the action plan we have shown how our traffic control application ImFlow provides insight into the operation and effectiveness of programmed (priority) schemes. The latest version of ImFlow contains standard tooling to analyze the settlement quality on various traffic control parameters (KPIs). The province can watch live and make random historical selections for analysis. The more than 30 ImFlow configurations already operational in the province will be upgraded to this latest version, so that the province will soon have the same basis everywhere.

"The framework agreement is a good examplary project for SWARCO Mobility Netherlands. At the end of the contract, almost every iVRI of the province will be controlled by our ITS application ImFlow. With this, the province very clearly chooses a different path than most road authorities. We are proud that we are allowed to implement this. Moreover, we find in the province a good partner to work on-, and test the further development of the iVRI, more connected road users and new smart mobility solutions that fit the provincial traffic policy."

- Piet Weiland, Senior Sales Manager at SWARCO Mobility Netherlands.

Test partner

By winning this tender, we are entering into a partnership for many years to efficiently and effectively provide all provincial intersections with an iVRI. The province also sees opportunities to take on the role of test partner.

"Zuid-Holland is leading the way with the number of fully connected iVRIs and we would like to continue this. Therefore, we also see opportunities to enter into a partnership with SWARCO Mobility Netherlands in the areas of testing and innovation. For example, by testing new functionalities or adjustments to soft- and hardware on our roads."

- Marcel Heijkoop, Advisor traffic management (DVM) and traffic control installations at Province of South Holland, the Netherlands

We will soon start preparations for the first replacement activities. Together with the province, we will draw up an annual plan for the number of traffic lights to be replaced. We will install approximately half of the iVRI's ourselves. The remaining iVRI's will be installed by the civil contractor that is responsible for the section maintenance, the construction or reconstruction of a new provincial road. The configuration of ImFlow is fully provided by SWARCO Mobility. After commissioning, we are responsible for the management and maintenance of the iVRIs and ITS applications.