New Speed Warning Solutions for Angus, Scotland

A series of intelligent Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) is helping to keep drivers safe by warning them if they are driving too fast and advising them of the speed limits in place throughout the county of Angus in Scotland.  

Angus Council approached SWARCO to help them find ways of tackling the issue of speeding vehicles. In turn, SWARCO has specified and installed 84 VAS signs to be used in 20, 30 and 40mph zones, with a ‘SLOW DOWN’ message activated once the speed threshold is breached. The signs are ultra-low power, with a bespoke lens design that allows them to be solar powered, even during the winter. 

The fully transportable signs can be sited according to the varying needs of the Council and have further data collecting functions, providing information on traffic volumes as well as speeds, which in-turn can be used to inform traffic planning and public transport routes.

Walter Scott, Service Leader for Angus Council’s Roads and Transportation says the signs are having a positive impact:

“The VAS have been installed to help us to tackle local speeding issues, as we are determined to ensure that everyone is safe on and around our roads network. So far, they have proved to be solidly built, visible and effective. Operating with a single plug for the solar panel, as well as the opportunity to adjust both the location and speed settings, the signs have provided an ideal solution, giving us simplicity and flexibility as part of our wider efforts to reduce speeding and enhance road safety.

John Pickworth, Managing Director of SWARCO Traffic, says the project shows the company’s ability to cater for specific Councils and specific regions: “Angus traditionally experiences darker and longer winters. As such, we designed the signs for the location to ensure that power remains reliable all-year round. This doesn’t just ensure optimal functionality but also to help the Council meet its sustainability targets.”

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