New marking material for bike lanes with a boost of green

SWARCO Road Marking Systems brings a new marking system for bike lanes to the streets. The debut takes place in Darmstadt.

The sun peeks through the thickening cloud cover in Darmstadt (Germany) and lets the freshly applied surface of the bike lane gleam in a rich traffic red. On this morning at a busy intersection in the west of Darmstadt, there is little evidence of a world premiere: four busy road workers of Ruch Verkehrstechnik are laying the new SWARCOPLAST ECO Tex on a public road for the first time. The special feature of the 2-component marking material for bike lanes is that more than 30 per cent of the binding agent from the German company Röhm consists of recycled material. As a result, the newly formulated product has a significantly lower carbon footprint than a comparable product. "We are delighted to be an important partner for SWARCO - as we are for all our customers - in the development of sustainable and innovative products," says Holger Tinz, Head of Marketing for Binder Products at Röhm.

Modern marking materials for the mobility lines of the future

Cycling is trending as an environmentally responsible form of transportation. The numerous cyclists of all ages who cycle past the markers on this day with curious glances are proof of such a trend. In urban areas, new bike lanes are constantly being developed and existing routes renewed or improved. This applies to Darmstadt as well as to many major cities around the world. “As a global player for marking systems, we want to provide the most environmentally friendly marking materials possible for these new mobility lines in cities,” explains André Peiter, who is responsible for this application with SWARCO Road Marking Systems.

With its various marking materials, SWARCO Road Marking Systems is committed to making them as environmentally sound as possible. This includes energy-efficient production and the use of bio-based and recycled materials. These types of marking systems are grouped under the SWARCO ECO-LINE product line. It includes materials used in a wide range of applications - from waterborne paints and cold spray plastics to preformed thermoplastics.

Application in Darmstadt, Germany

Was the premiere successful?

Back to the red bike lane in Darmstadt. Markings like these are essential for the safety of all road users: they provide cyclists and all other road users with the necessary orientation and indicate areas of danger. In this way, cycle path markings can significantly increase road safety. In the meantime, the clouds have won the battle with the sun in Darmstadt and raindrops have started to fall from the sky. The road marking specialists are happy to have finished the red line on the asphalt. They carefully check the material again - a satisfied smile signals that the application has been successfully completed: The application has worked perfectly, the world premiere has been a success! “The new material is very easy to work with. It even feels smoother, which means we can work faster and more efficiently,” confirmed the whole crew of the road marking contracting company Herbert Ruch GmbH after the work is done.

André Peiter,
Sales at SWARCO Limburger Lackfabrik GmbH

"A first step has been taken. SWARCOPLAST ECO Tex has passed its first test. Now it's time to convince decision-makers in cities and local authorities to opt for this marking system for new bike lane projects. We are happy to provide advice on all aspects of cycle paths and bike lanes - and look forward to working with other interested parties on future-proof and sustainable bike lanes."