EUROTAC – tactile guidance

How can train station platforms, waiting zones at zebra-crossings, walkways and corridors in buildings be easily retrofitted with a tactile guidance system for the visually impaired?
SWARCO answers this question intelligently with EUROTAC.

Mobility is a basic social need. In order to facilitate the participation of visually impaired or blind people in everyday life, special tactile guidance systems are an important cornerstone in improving the quality of life.

EUROTAC are DIN 32984 conforming preformed pavement markings made of methacrylate. Combining raised dots and grooves with a flexible self-adhesive polymer carrier, EUTOTAC represents an innovative, universally utilizable orientation system for the blind and visually impaired. The product is particularly suitable to practically and economically retrofit tactile guidance systems, a job which normally requires quite substantial construction works. EUROTAC sticks to asphalt, concrete, stone pavings and even granite or marble floorings.

In public space EUROTAC provides longitudinal and transversal orientation, guidance and warning, as for instance at pedestrian crossings or tram and bus stops. The black and white colour contrast is optimally perceived by the visually impaired. The shape and design of the marking supports blind people to find their way by tactile means. EUROTAC can even be an interesting option for smooth high quality indoor floorings.

EUROTAC tactile guidance systems are an essential contribution to make public space barrier-free and better accessible for the handicapped, thus improving the quality of life and mobility of the blind and visually impaired“, summarizes Michaela Reitner, Marketing Manager Europe of SWARCO’s Road Marking Systems Division.