DIRECTOR 2 in Piano Look

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the "TransCanada Theater District Open House", the Jones Hall of Performing Arts in Houston, Texas, was given a very eye-catching feature.

Local artist Joan Dodd initiated a unique outdoor installation entitled “88 Keys.” 
Over a length of more than 70 meters, the pavement between Texas Avenue and Capitol Street was converted into one large keyboard. 
The title, “88 Keys,” is a reference to the number of keys on a traditional grand piano. In fact, there were 275 piano keys inviting the public to marvel and play in front of the building. 
This installation was made possible using DIRECTOR 2 Temporary Tape from SWARCO, which was manufactured and applied in key optics. 
The project was met with widespread support from the public and the local art scene, since the Houston Theater Quarter was particularly affected by the destruction that Hurricane Harvey wrought in August 2017. 
The goal of this impressive project was to create an imaginary bridge between the theater world and the people who pass by project every day. This goal was achieved. People stopped and stared, danced, took selfies, and showed great interest in the program of the Jones Hall of Performing Arts.

However, the project was not only a great success from an artistic perspective; it was also a tremendous technical success.  The DIRECTOR 2 Temporary Tape from SWARCO performed as required by adhering well to the pavement and being easily removed when the project was over.