Temporary, Removable Pavement Marking Tape

DIRECTOR 2 Temporary, Removable Pavement Marking Tape

DIRECTOR 2 is a premium grade, temporary, easily removable, pliant polymer marking tape.

When construction, repairs, or other circumstances require temporary re-routing or shifting of traffic flow, maintain order and safety with DIRECTOR 2 temporary marking tapes and symbols. Highly weather and traffic resistant, DIRECTOR 2 comes with a factory applied adhesive for fast and easy installation. No special equipment or primers are needed; just a clean, dry surface.

Easy removal is just as important as easy installation. SWARCO's DIRECTOR 2 can be quickly lifted intact, or in large sections, from asphalt or portland cement concrete pavement. It's unique formulations leaves no adhesive stains or permanent marks. Removal is easily accomplished manually or with a roll-up device. Available in reflective white and yellow, and in rolls, symbol and legend formats, DIRECTOR 2 helps you make short and economical work of re-directing and restoring traffic flow.

DIRECTOR 2 BLACK-OUT pavement marking tape is a non-reflective, pressure sensitive removable masking tape that is easy to install over existing pavement markings to temporarily re-route traffic flows. Once the traffic diversion is complete, simply remove DIRECTOR 2 Black-out tape to reveal the original markings. DIRECTOR 2 Black-out tape deletes markings significantly faster than conventional grinding and is easily removed without damage or scarring to the roadway surface. DIRECTOR 2 Black-out tapes help you make short and economical work of redirecting and restoring traffic flow resulting from temporary conditions.